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n   “​Sleepless Nights​”
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Album: Sleepless Night
Amario Gian Records
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“​Sleepless Nights​”

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"​Sleepless Nights​" es una canción por Jordy. Ésta fue utilizada para el baile grupal "Alimento para el Pensamiento" en Abby Flies the Coop.


Speaking on the topic, getting blocked out the media
Take it out my pocket drop it on the media
Forget the advertisments, what they try to feed to us
Strapped, locked, and loaded, shooting camera

Thankful for life lessons spreading knowledge 'cuz it's power
Love your mother, let's take care of her, she's ours
Homo sapiens are ordinary in our ways
Came about the dark, think we almost went extinct

We rearranged, adapted, and changed.
It's all we have to do, it's nothing new, the same thing
Survival of the fittest, close your eyes, reach out your hand
Peace, love, and compassion, that's all that's in the plan

Golden rule is to do unto others the same ways we wish to be treated
I don't wanna to live by this, the Holocaust and candy on Halloween
And, babies getting kidnapped, I ain't talking trick or treatin'
A mother-child bond, is that something you believe in?

We just don't hear their cries, from the outside,
So keep out your small we treat them fine
Cows saying, "Eat more chicken," lying advertised
Made by humans, no prints on their crimes

Cartoons, comedy, this humor isn't right
Where's our integrity, who is in disguise?
Pulling up at the arches, Ronald looks full of life
Consuming cancer caused and processed meats like all the time

Flatline, just hit the floor
That's a wrap, heart couldn't do it no more
You mean to tell me the #1 killer in our country is heart disease
Overindulge 'til we die, while voices cry and plead
Oversea, children lose lives, spread begging on their knees

How could it be, we're all one, I care for you
And you for me? Live life and love always (always)
Say it again, say it again, Jordy let it spread
Open up your mind, take your time and meditate

Ignorance is bliss, for this it ain't not the case
Let that conscience vacate, unstick from the tape
Birthday celebration, Jordy still wants the cake
Not a question if it's vegan or of full of hate
Food that's made with love, tastes better anyway
Animals out their cage today, let's celebrate

Celebrate, no need to kill to celebrate
No one's fate let's celebrate, celebrate, celebrate
The truth, let's a take a pill
That Matrix got me rolling wisdom leaking like a spill

Fear to learn, crazy to say but that is something real
It's okay to change it up, that's how culture's built
Screaming psychotic, want to know what's in you milk
For real, optimal health is key, I want to see you live

Eating animals while loving them, bloody contradiction
Say what you need, I know you're feeding into an addiction
Speaking up for what's wrong, I ain't scared of no friction
Peace is all it is, it doesn't have to be fiction


716 Food for Thought (1)