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n   “A cien años ¿Y ahora que?”
Solo de nia
Song by
Sharon Kenny
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Limonada Rosa
esta temporada
“A cien años ¿Y ahora que?”
Sola en la oscuridad
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"A cien años ¿Y ahora que?" es una canción de Sharon Kenny que fue usada para el solo de Nia en el episodio "Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties".


I would give you the world
The world was mine to give
But my hands are empty
All I have is words

I wasn't doing so bad
'til I knew what I was missing
Little did I know,
You'd still be written in all my yesterdays
A hundred years from now

A hundred years from now
I'll love you the same
And I will surely break
I will surely break down

Just give me your shoulder
I'll pick up the pieces
We'll pick up the pieces
From this moment on

And I will surely fall
I will surely fall down

I'll try to remember
There's no one so lucky
There's no one as lucky as us