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paol Hmailtoñ Hernandez Quimbaya Elle Fanning Poem of love to declare a deep and sincere passion, disinterested and tender, that expects nothing in return, only love and that will be for life.

I love you and I will love you for life. Love poem

I will love you for all my life

I love you for being my peace, for being my joy and my desire to live.

For accompanying me and letting me accompany you, for being part of my life and because in you I found, my favorite person in this world, you.

I love you and I will love you as much as I can, as much as possible, in this and the other life.

I will love you without expectations, without impositions, without asking for anything in return, because in true love, it is only given, never demanded.

I'm going to love you because I want to love you, even if you do not ask me, even if distance tries to prevent it, even if life gives me some trip.

I will love you forever and ever, without fear, without measures, like a shipwrecked your table, as night loves the day.

I love you and I will love you as my heart dictates, as my instincts force me, as I only love you.

And although you never love me, as I do to you ...

It does not matter, I love you and I will love you, for life.

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