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n   “Old Potosi”
Song by
Tumbledown House
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baile: "El Lejano Oeste"
Jazz, country, alternativo
esta temporada
Old Potosi

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"Old Potosi" es una canción de Tumbledown House. Fue utilizada para el solo de Mackenzie en el episodio "Dos Chicas,Un Solo".


South of the old Potosi East of the Toston Dam West of Robber’s Roost There’s a lay of land

You best believe there’s no governor No, Sheriff runs this town Well, Old Roy might lock you up But he’ll turn you out if you buy the next round

And sweet sounds that you cannot place

Sounds that are stranger than a snowflake Sweeter than a cornfed cow Stronger than a steamboat Faster than a big rig Beat 'cha but you don’t know how

Oh those sounds have a stranger’s face

There’s a guitar made of bone From the pelvis of an elephant The bow for the fiddle Wavers just a little For it’s sewn with the silk From the belly of a somber angel All at the cost of a tear

And Silas is the favorite of the fans But he is often absent For the ladies’ hungry loving hands And all together They will weather All the catastrophic follies known to man

Late one night in June Farmer had a change of luck He offered up his place to the boys in the band When they got stuck

What’s mine is yours Down comes Skinny Sarah Sideshow And all the boys she’ll soon well know A Molotov cocktail aided by a warm gale Gave the place a rosy glow

Yes those woods went up in a mighty blaze

To this day The 31st of May Those ashes sift as if To say

'This land will not heal Nor offer us a deal, Until those boys are back To stay