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n   “Alguien me dijo”
Told me
Song by
Cassandra Kubinski
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esta temporada
“Somebody Told Me”

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"Alguien me dijo" es una canción de Cassandra Kubinski. Fue Utilizada en el trío de Maddie , Chloe y Brooke con el mismo nombre en el episodio "Waiting for Joffrey".


Somebody told me I'd be fine,
Shook her head, smiled, and wiped off mine
And so I saw the sight of strength,
And heard the sounds of healing

I learned to read it like a sign;
She was beside me, I was fine

Somebody told me it's alright,
Each time a nightmare wrecked my night
Then held me close, but not too tight,
Till dreaming came upon me

Sometimes I think about those nights
Safe in her arms, where I took flight
And there were times I swore
That our relation was a curse

And there were times that she
Was just the worst, and angrily,
We both crashed down, forgiveness helped me see
A grain of comedy, in every tragedy

Somebody showed me with her soul
Lack of perfection makes us whole

And when my dream arrived,
She let me go for my desires
She let me go so gently,
Told me I would be ok,
Now I for her can do the same
Though I can't stop the tears that fall
Into my smile today

I was a seed, now I'm a rose
Stronger than any wind that blows
And I'll go on, for I have always
More to give, and this I know,
'Cuz somebody told me so