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The best list with phrases of "I love you"

There is no better option than a beautiful love phrase to dedicate "I love you" to that person so special to you. Apart from the gestures, with words you can express all kinds of loving feelings, and there are very original, deep and romantic ways to make you see that you are there, at your side, forever.

I love you

In this article we have prepared a list with the best phrases of "I love you" so you can dedicate it to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or person you want to fall in love with. You only have to choose the best moment, be creative and tell them. You can also write it in a letter that accompanies a nice gift, or if you are at a distance, express it by WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or other social networks.

And now it's your turn to conquer. I leave you with the phrases.

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1 Phrases of "I love you"

2 I love you, my love

3 I love you so much

Phrases of "I love you"

I love you beyond the horizon, where no one can discover our secrets.

It is possible that we have fallen into the routine, but although this is not like at the beginning, you will always be my beautiful princess.

In spite of the distance, my mind only thinks about you, and asks heaven to never stop feeling for me.

To love is not to look at each other, it is to look together in the same direction.

I am afraid because I had never fallen in love so quickly. I have a huge desire to say "I love you", but I do not know if I'll hear it back. You mean a lot to me.

I love you, slowly, so that this never ends.

You are the organ that my body lacks. You are the air that I need to breathe, the lips that I need to kiss, the heart that I need to conquer.

Love is strong, delivered and moves mountains.

I love you madly

For all your gestures, for what you hold me every day and for your understanding. I love you, honey.

I can write your name in the sand, and the waves will erase it. I can write it on the earth, and the wind will dissipate it. I can write it on paper, and it will wither. But if I write it in my heart, my love, I can never forget you.

Maybe it's too late, but my feelings for you have not changed and they never will. I love you princess.

Do not flatter yourself. All I want is to see how you sleep hugging me every night and how we wake up watching us every morning until the end of our days.

You are the only thing I need to be happy, because every moment I am with you I feel full of joy.

You are the woman who enlightens me every morning, you are the shield of my heart, the tenant of my mind and the only one who awakens my love.

I love you my love

Even if you're not with me, I keep seeing you, I'm still listening to you. I love you.


I love you my love, and I will love you until the end of my days, I would even love you after death if possible.

You have no idea what you mean to me, you are my strong energy and fullness.

I neither say nor write it, but my silence shouts to the four winds how much I love you.

I love you phrases

It is impossible for me to love someone more than I love you. Thank you for your caresses, your smiles and everything you do to have me so in love with you.

I never knew what love was at first sight until I came across you and started to sweat.

They say that love is not real, that it is a mere fantasy ... but I live in my fantastic world and I love you.

Some write long love letters, but I prefer to use the two most powerful words: I LOVE YOU.

At first I was afraid to look at you, then I was afraid to smile at you, later I was afraid to kiss you, and now I am afraid of losing you. I love you.

I love you message

If you want to know how much I love you, look at the stars and you will get the answer.

Even if we separate, my love for you will remain intact, even if I die, I will continue to love you because my soul will remain anchored to yours.

Just a moment! Before you do anything, remember that they will never love you as I love you.

Do not think I love you, because then you're falling short.

I still do not understand how I can love you so much.

You are the only person that transmits confidence, peace and serenity. That's why, whenever doubts invade me, I look at you and I know that everything will be fine. I love you.

I love you with all my soul, I give you my heart so you can keep it until death.

I do not ask that our love be perfect, I only ask that it be yours and mine.

You are my only reason for being, my forbidden sin. I love you.

I love you so much more than yesterday, but much less than tomorrow.

I love you my love

Every time we are together, time stops, and everything that surrounds us is love and happiness.

An immature love says "I love you because I need you", while a mature love says "I need you because I love you".

I love you when I wake up and when I go to bed, I love you in my dreams, you are the only person who can make me tremendously happy.

If life were eternal, we could not offer it to those we love.

Do not ask me "why", because n Home \ Dedications \ 50 Sad Love Quotes To Overcome Uncorrected Loves I'm Anxious!

50 Sad Love Phrases To Overcome Uncorrected Loves I Am Distraught Phrases That Make Children Grow With Complexes 9

Phrases to share with your best friend in sad times, disappointment in those who need your help and understanding, these messages are inspired by situations of disenchantment and sadness that can arise from the breakup of a couple.

Help your friend to feel better, your heart heal the disenchantment that caused him to end their relationship.

I invite you to read these sad love phrases today, but I warn you that you have some handkerchiefs nearby because I will make some tears fall from your eyes.

Although the words that speak of love are beautiful and always reach the soul some can hurt very deep our being we must be very careful when we express ourselves on this subject.

The pain that your friend can feel today can leave sequels difficult to heal, that's why it's your responsibility to say the words that talk about heartbreak in a simple way that is transformed into happiness, let your heart always speak for you, and I assure you that you will be wrong

This day choose any of the phrases or thoughts that I will leave below to share them on facebook or twitter and share it and you will see that many people will know with that message that you can count on, then choose one more day to share them every day. a way to make people who read you on social networks happy.

One of the hardest moments when someone suffers from lack of love or sadness is when the night comes, it will be because with it also comes the loneliness or darkness but in my experience it is one of the moments of the day that I know feels the sadness and pain like a thorn hard to remove.

At the end of all the only thing that we all want and seek is to love us and when we lose that we believe that everything ends without caring about anything, we realize how important it was what we lost, and we burst out crying inconsolably without having anything or anything that allows us to see an end of our pain.

Life teaches us that we can lose people, memories, or we forget feelings that we buried because it makes us sad but we start to think about the meaning of life and we continue to know that forgetting is the best option for what we feel.

Short sad love phrases

Love is not always happiness, it can often be pure pain, but only you, you are the one in charge of making it happen quickly to give way to happiness, could give you a thousand recommendations of things that are wrong or good but only the experience of going through the sadness that sometimes generates love will teach you to overcome the sad facets of love.

Friendship also has its sides of kindness and sadness not only the love of a partner makes us suffer, everything we like sometimes hurts us or makes us angry.

The idea is to live again and from time to time you allow yourself to suffer and you have all the cards so that happiness will smile on you every day.

Every woman who suffers some day knows that this will happen and the name of that lost man will no longer be pain and will teach us to live and keep fighting.

Love and sadness create images that your heart will never forget, just mourn out that sad feeling.

Here the phrases written from the soul will never make your heart crush in love, they will only heal with beautiful images of life.

The sadder we feel the less loved we are. The love that you love is the key to perfect love, never forget it.

Tears that you shed for love are those that you will always remember more than sad phrases that send you by whatsapp.

Feelings that shed tears in images that life is drawing in our soul only understands how to love that person.

To look at that person who is not here today, makes my life meaningless only words out of his mouth will heal my soul. This is my life!

I do not want to forget you even though you are sad in this sad destiny without you by my side, just being here will make me happy and I will never be sad again.

Pain is not saying what really happens to us, not showing the feelings that make us suffer and bring a thousand sorrows to our life, we just have to try to understand.

The worst thorn you can feel is the lack of love, that the eyes you love no longer look at you. Loving can be a continuous struggle of thousands of words and gestures of no love.

Loving will never weaken you but if it can make you weaken and go crazy at the same time, you have to know how to handle each one of the feelings that generates you being sad.

Destiny is a source of wisdom that is not always what we want, but it almost never makes a mistake and for something marks our lives for better or for worse.

Phrases with the best feelings have been written but only the heart knows what it really means to love and not to be loved.

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