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"45 Second Solos" is the twenty-ninth episode of the fourth season of Dance Moms. It first aired on September 23, 2014.


Abby's Annual Dance Concert is always bigger than any old recital and this year is no different, as the theme is an emotional tribute to her mother. With Nationals a few days away, Abby gives the girls 45 seconds to prove they each deserve a solo. When Abby has Kamryn dance in Chloe's place, Christi begins to fear the security of Chloe's position at Nationals.

Event Attended

June 27th & 28th, ALDC Recital/Concert, Hillman Theater
Concert Title: The Story of Maryen Lorrain: One for the History Books


 Abby Lee Dance Company 

  • New Group Dance: "The Heist" (genre: Specialty)
  • Group dance with Maddie, Nia, Kendall, Mackenzie, and another dancers: "Birds of a Feather" (genre: Acro)
  • Group Dance with Nia, Maddie, Mackenzie, and younger dancers: "Little Party" (genre: Jazz)
  • Group Dance with Maddie, Mackenzie, and younger dancers: "Blame It On The Boogie" (genre: Tap)
  • Group Dance featuring Maddie and another dancers: "Prayer" (genre: Lyrical)
  • Group Dance with Mackenzie and younger dancers: "Toy Box" (genre: Acro)
  • Group Dance with Mackenzie and younger dancers: "Blue Suede Shoes" (genre: Hip-hop)
  • Petite group dance: "Following the Leader" (genre: Ballet)
  • Petite group dance: "Seven Little Indians" (genre: Acro)
  • Petite group dance: "Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat" (genre: Musical Theater)
  • Petite group dance: "Party In Miami" (genre: Hip-hop)
  • Teen Group dance: "Welcome To Havanna" (genre: Jazz)
  • Senior Group Dance: "Garland Waltz" (genre: Pointe)
  • Senior Group Dance: "Still Alive for Your Love" (genre: Contemporary)
  • Senior Group Dance: "In Time" (genre: Lyrical)
  • Senior Group Dance: "Crazy In Love" (genre: Jazz)
  • Senior Group Dance: "?" (genre: Hip-hop)
  • Preschool Group Dance: "Cuddly Ducks" (genre: Tap)
  • Payton, Ryleigh, and Auriel trio: "All I Need" (genre: Jazz)
  • Mariah Aivazis, Ryleigh, and Auriel trio: "Explosion" (genre: Contemporary)
  • Maddie, Hope, and Katherine trio: "Pas De Troix" (genre: Pointe)
  • Kendall and Ryleigh duet: "Too Young" (genre: Lyrical)
  • Brooke K. and Auriel duet: "For The Better" (genre: Lyrical)
  • Brooke K. and Mackenzie duet: "Big Finish" (genre: Jazz)
  • Auriel solo: "Purple Rain" (genre: Contemporary)
  • Sarah Hunt solo: "My Pa" (genre: Lyrical)
  • Payton solo: "Serial Killer" (genre: Jazz)
  • Brooke K. solo: "Beautiful Like Me" (genre: Jazz)
  • Brooke K. solo: "?" (genre: Tap)
  • Ryleigh solo: "Without A Word" (genre: Specialty)
  • Selah Curran solo: "Crazy Feet" (genre: Tap)
  • Keara Sweeney solo: "Living in the Shadows" (genre: Lyrical)
  • Ian Schmoke solo: "Words" (genre: Specialty)
  • Mariah Aivazis solo: "That’s Crazy" (genre: unknown)
  • Makayla Clark solo: "Yacht Club Swing" (genre: unknown)
  • Repeated group dances:
  • Repeated duets/trios:
  • Repeated solos:

Other Information

  • Pyramid:
    • Nia
    • Maddie, Kendall
    • Mackenzie, Chloe
  • Although Chloe was unable to participate in the recital due to a foot injury, it is possible that she wouldn't have been able to participate regardless as she was no longer an ALDC member at the time.
  • This is the last ALDC recital to be shown on the show.

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