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"A Team on Trial" is the eighth episode of the eighth season of Dance Moms. It first aired on July 16, 2019.


With a losing streak weighing heavily upon the team's shoulders, fighting between the girls puts the group dance in jeopardy; Abby gives a mini her big shot at joining the team; a duet with GiaNina and Elliana leads to all-out war between two moms leaving Sarah brokenhearted.[1]

Competition Attended[]

Drop The Beat in Akron, Ohio (Coventry High School Auditorium) on March 23, 2019[2]

Weekly Dances[]

Abby Lee Dance Company
Dance Name
Dance Style
Blue Bloods Contemporary 1st in Junior Small Group
Judge Gia Jazz 2nd in Junior Duet/Trio
Light Inside the Darkness
(not shown; later shown in Unseen Dances, Untold Stories)
Contemporary 1st in Junior Duet/Trio
Kamryn Proud Kammy Open 1st in Rookie Solo

Other Information[]

  • Pyramid:
    • Elliana
    • Hannah, Sarah
    • Pressley, Lilliana, GiaNina
  • March 24: Casting call for dancers aged 10 to 16 for Season 8 promo[3]
  • A new dancer joined the team this week, Kamryn Smith. She originally made the Top 21 at the auditions.
  • Abby said Kamryn wasn't a good fit for the ALDC because she's too young.
    • This is because she didn't perform in the group dance.
  • Elliana replaced Savannah in this episode.
  • This is the final episode to feature Adriana and Kamryn Smith.

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