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"Abby Lee Horror Story" is the tenth episode of the sixth season of Dance Moms. It first aired March 8, 2016.


The ALDC travels to Northern California and Abby's routines are darker than ever. The moms decide to pull a prank but it backfires horribly. Meanwhile, Maddie, Brynn and Kendall compete with solos and Ashlee will do anything to give Brynn an advantage, even if that means becoming Abby's employee.[2]

Competition Attended

New York Dance Experience in San Jose, CA on December 19, 2015 (California Theatre)[3]

Weekly Dances

Abby Lee Dance Company
Dance Name
Dance Style
The Cult Contemporary 1st in Teen Division
1st Overall
Elite Gold
297 points
Brynn Black Dahlia Open 2nd in Junior Division
Elite Gold
296 points
Kendall Natalie Wood Lyrical 2nd in Teen Division
Elite Gold
292 points
Maddie Lizzie Borden Contemporary 1st in Teen Division
Elite Gold

Other Information

  • Pyramid:
    • Maddie
    • Brynn, JoJo
    • Mackenzie, Nia, Kendall, Kalani
  • The title of this episode is a spin on the American anthology horror show American Horror Story.
  • All of the solos were based off famous tragedies:
    • Maddie's solo was based on the infamous murderer Lizzie Borden.
    • Kendall's solo was based on the death of Hollywood Star Natalie Wood.
    • Brynn's solo was based on the gruesome death of Elizabeth Short, who was famously nicknamed "The Black Dahlia".
  • Kendall's solo costume is similar to the ones used in the duet "Together As One".
  • Brynn was beat by Romeo Blanco, who later appeared on the team as a guest during the second half of the season.
  • During the two week hiatus:
    • December 26: Kalani and Kendall Meet and Greet at Pearl Studios in NYC[4] (Dance: 11am-12pm; Chat: 12pm-1pm)
    • December 26: Maddie Meet and Greet at The Dancer's Closet in Murrysville, Pennsylvania from 11am - 1pm[5]
    • December 27: Kalani and Kendall Meet and Greet at Putnam Dance Center in Mohopac, NY[6] (Dance: 11am-12pm; Chat: 12pm-1pm)
    • December 27: Kalani and Kendall Meet and Greet at Motion Dance Center of NY, College Point, NY (Queen's Area)[7] (Dance: 4:30pm-5:30pm; Chat: 5:30pm-6:30pm)
    • December 28: Some of the cast's iClouds, emails and PayPal accounts were hacked by fans. Phone numbers as well as private photos were leaked. More information about the scandal can be found here.

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