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g   Addison Moffett
Addy photoshoot 2016
Nickname(s): Addy
Gender: Female
Born: February 3, 1998[1]
Age: 22
Home: Arizona
Occupation: Dancer
Class of 2016
Affiliations: Alexa Moffett Studios
Project 21 (former, alumni)
Club Dance Studio (former)
Dance Connection 2 (c. 2011)[2]
Friends and Family
Parents: Mark Moffett (father)
Diane Hynek-Moffett (mother)
Siblings: Alexa (sister)
Caden (brother)
Friends: Sarah Reasons
Brynn Rumfallo
Ashtin Roth
Tessa Wilkinson
Maddie Ziegler
Kendall Vertes
Talia Seitel
Sophia Lucia
Payton Ackerman
Sarina Jassy
Mackenzie Ziegler
McKaylee True
Gianna Martello
Jennine Wedge
Rachael Thoma
Chloe Lukasiak
Pets: Chanel (dog)[3][4]
Episode Run
Debut: Nia Risks It All
Last: Live From LA, It's Kendall K
Quick Links
Feat. video: "Fast Car" (2016)
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Addison Moffett is a dancer from Project 21 and formerly Club Dance Studio. She is the younger sister of Alexa Moffett.

Addison graduated after the 2015/16 competition season.

In Dance Moms


Other Information

  • Her solo "Latch" had the high score in teen at The Dance Awards in Las Vegas in 2014.[5] She was also third for Best Female Dancer in the teen division.[6]
  • In 2014, Addison was (Senior) Miss Dance of America at the KAR Las Vegas Nationals in the Blue Room.[7] (Clip of Addison's solo, "Latch.") Kalani was Miss Teen Dance of America at the same event.[8][9] (Clip of Kalani's solo, "Another Level.")
  • In 2013, Addison was the 13-and-over winner for ALDC Dance Off, Abby's online dance competition.[10] (The 2013 twelve-and-under winner was Tate McRae.)
  • In 2015, Addison and Kalani started their own YouTube channel entitled "KalaniAddy". The two would post new videos on Tuesdays, with the videos tending to focus more on humor than dance. However in May 2016, all of the videos were suddenly removed from the channel as well as the username being changed to "AddyKaylee". On twitter[11], Kalani confirmed that she had not given Addison permission to keep the channel for herself and that they instead had initially agreed to let the channel "dissolve"[12]. The channel was deleted a few weeks later.


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