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g   Aleah Simpson
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Gender: Female
Born: 20 March, 2005
Age: 17
Home: Liverpool
Occupation: Dancer
Year 12 in the 2021/22 school year
Affiliations: Jelli Studios (former/for show only)
Nazene Danielle's Dance Dynamix[1]
Hobbies: Dance
Friends and Family
Parents: Danielle Simpson
Friends: Sam Dennis
Tayluer Amos
Eleiyah Navis
Chloe Fenton
Molly Thorpe-Franklin
Chloe Greenwood
Leah Rose Kennedy
Harry Smallman
Angel Wharmby
Josh Adedoyin
Episode Run
Debut: Dance Mums: Abby Meets Jennifer
Last: It's The End Of An Era, Kid
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Aleah Simpson (born 20 March, 2005) is a dancer from Jelli Studios. She is the daughter of Danielle Simpson.

Other Information

  • Though the spelling of her and Eleiyah Navis' names are different, the pronunciation is the same so she is often called "Little Aleah" as heard in the interview of her mother.
  • Aleah has previously done modelling and fashion shows.
  • Prior to the show, Aleah had never been to a dance competition.
  • Due her inexperience in dance, Aleah has been given numerous privates for improvement.
  • Aleah says that her proudest moment would be how much she's improved.
  • Her favourite pop star is Ariana Grande.
  • Pizza is her favourite food.
  • Commercial and lyrical are her favourite dance styles.
  • Aleah sees Jennifer as her idol and says that she wants to be like her when she's older.
  • Her favourite girls from Dance Moms are Kendall and Mackenzie.
  • Aleah thinks that Chloe is her biggest competitor since they are the youngest on the team.
  • Never Again Are We Doing Six Solos And A Group was the first time where Aleah was on the top of the pyramid.

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