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g   Alysa Owen
Nickname(s): Firecracker[1]
Gender: Female
Born: March 9, 2006[2]
Age: 14
Occupation: Dancer
9th in the 2020/21 school year
Affiliations: Innovation Dance Company
Studio One Southwest Dance Academy[1]
ALDC (former guest)
Height: 4'11"
Friends and Family
Parents: Mary (mother)
Siblings: Ayson (brother)
Aryson (brother)
Friends: Peyton Evans
Areana Lopez
Alexus Oladi
Kendyl Fay
Episode Run
Debut: Mini Dancers, Big Drama
Last: Abby's New Favorites
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Feat. video: "Heartburn" (2015)
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Alysa Rain Owen[3] (born March 9, 2006) was formerly a dancer on the ALDC mini team.

Other Information

  • She has two younger brothers, Jordan and James.[4]
  • She started dancing at age 3.[1][5]
  • She competed her first solo at age 6 "If my friends could see me now" choreographed by Meghan Hoover.[1][5]
  • Her favorite style of dance is jazz.[5]
  • She loves dance, having fun, reading, crafts and hanging out with her brothers.[1]
  • She has won Nationals at Starpower for 2014 and 2015.[1]
  • She wants to be a studio owner when she grows up.[1]
  • Her favorite solo is "Queen Bee".[5]
  • Her favorite group dance is "Cover Girl".[5]


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