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g   Alyssa Chi
Gender: Female
Born: May 23,[1][2][3] 2001[4][5][6]
Age: 21
Home: South Florida
Occupation: Student
Class Of 2019
NSU Class of 2023
Affiliations: Nova Southeastern Unversity
NBA Miami Heat Dance Team
Stars Dance Studio (current)
CADC (past guest)
Dance Attack[7]
MAC Magnet Dance Program[8]
Friends and Family
Parents: Meredith (mother)
Friends: Evan Gorbell
McKenzie Morales
Gavin Morales
Kimmy Kopke
Love Interests: Christopher Crespo (boyfriend)
Episode Run
Debut: Kiss or Get Off the Pot
Last: The New Maddie?
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Alyssa Chi appeared as a Candy Apple's guest dancer in the second part of Season 4.

Like Gino and Kevin Cosculluela, Evan Gorbell, and John Culbertson, Alyssa originated from Dance Attack studio in Florida. By late 2014, she switched to Stars Dance Studio, owned by Angel Armas and Victor Smalley.

On Dance Moms

Season 4

Season 5

  • In The New Maddie?, she performed in the group dance "Torn" which placed 2nd. This is the final episode Alyssa appeared as a guest dancer for CADC.


Season 4

Season 5


To see tables for Alyssa Chi's dances and results, visit the Alyssa Chi/Dances subpage.


  • Alyssa has been dancing since five years old.
  • She has been trained in Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballroom and Hip Hop.
  • Since joining STARS, Alyssa has done a duet with Kimmy Kopke (YouTube link).
  • Alyssa has placed first overall and earned the title at many prestigious regional competitions. As a Mini, she won Nationals at Star Systems Dance Competition. Most recently in the Junior Division, she earned the highest scoring solo at OnStage NY 2014 Nationals.
  • She attends MAC Magnet Dance Program, where she has been a Straight-A student.
  • Alyssa was born two days before Chloe Lukasiak.
  • She attends Nova Southeastern University in Florida and will graduate in 2023.
  • She is a NBA Miami Heat Dancer.


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