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g   Anthony Burrell
Anthony Burrell HS 2
Gender: Male
Born: June 30, 1980
Age: 40 [1]
Home: Philadelphia
New York City
Occupation: Choreographer
Affiliations: Candy Apple's Dance Center
Height: 6' 1" [2]
Friends and Family
Friends: Trinity Inay
Haley Huelsman
Melanie Huelsman
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Anthony Burrell was a guest choreographer for Candy Apple's Dance Center, in the third season of Dance Moms.

Anthony stopped choreographing for Cathy and the CADC by the time of On-Again, Off-Again Abby, with Yvette Walts largely taking over his role at that time.

Outside Dance Moms

Anthony worked as a choreographer on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, during its first and second seasons.

After his work on Dance Moms, Anthony became the choreographer for Asia Monet Ray on the Lifetime television show Raising Asia.

Anthony has previously served as choreographer for Rihanna, Beyonce and Destiny's Child, Brandy, and Salt-n-Pepa.[3] He has many additional credits as a pure dancer.[4]



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