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g   Ashtin Roth
Ashtin Roth headshot 01
Gender: Female
Born: July 5, 2000 [1]
Age: 19
Home: Tucson, Arizona[2]
Occupation: Dancer
Class Of 2018
UA Class of 2022
Affiliations: University of Arizona
BC Dance
CADC (former guest)
Jeanette's BDA (guest)
Dance Force 1
Friends and Family
Parents: Jennifer Roth
Danny Roth
Siblings: Elijah (older brother)[3]
Jewels (younger sister)[4]
Friends: Haley Huelsman
Chloe Smith
Tessa Wilkinson
Addison Moffett
Kaycee Rice
Tara Johnson
Vivi-Anne Stein
Cathy Nesbitt-Stein
Brynn Rumfallo
Maddie Ziegler
Nia Frazier
JoJo Siwa
Gianna Newborg
Alexa Moffett
Molly Long
Episode Run
Debut: Wild Wild West Coast, Part 1
Last: New Season, New Rules
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Ashtin Roth was a guest dancer for Candy Apple's Dance Center in the fifth season of Dance Moms as well as a guest at JC's Broadway Dance Academy for the fifth and sixth seasons.

On Dance Moms

Other information

  • Ashtin, Chloe Smith and Haley set up a YouTube channel.
  • Her role model as a dancer is Addison Moffett.[5]
  • Many of the dancers from Club Dance are also affiliated with her home studio, BC Dance (The Ballet Conservatory of Dance Music & Art, Arizona.)[6][7]
  • She has been a competitive dancer since age six.[8]
  • In March of 2014, Ashtin said that Abby has always been nice to her, but can be "crazy" towards some others.[9]
  • After Dance Moms won at the Kids' Choice Awards for Favorite Reality Show in March 2015, she addressed a congratulations message to Abby and the ALDC team on Instagram (as did Haley Huelsman and Chloe' Smith).[10]
  • Like Chloe Smith and Tessa Wilkinson, Ashtin and her mom attended the grand opening of ALDC L.A. near the end of filming for Season 5, at the invitation of Abby.
  • Coming from Arizona, Jennifer and Ashtin disliked the cold weather they experienced in Ohio and Pittsburgh.[11] (2015)
  • In May 2015, her favorite song was "Uptown Funk."[12]
  • Some of the first people she followed on Twitter were Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier.[13]
  • When asked if she could have portray her in a movie, Ashtin's pick would be Zendaya.[14]
  • Like the rest of her team on the show, she was sponsored on CADC by Activated Industry Performance Wear.


 I continuously told my child it would never happen!!! Here's to my daughter who had a Dream she believed in herself, worked hard and continuously told me any day we would get that call. Congratulations Ashtin time to get a new dream 
 Jennifer Roth on Instagram, after joining "Dance Moms" cast


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