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Asia Monet Ray (born August 10, 2005) is the eldest child of Kristie and Shawn Ray.


In 2012, Asia competed in the first season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition where she came in third place.

The following year, Abby Lee Miller invited Asia and her mother Kristie to join the ALDC elite team in the third season of Dance Moms to rival Mackenzie. She remained on the team until The Big, Not So, Easy, where she and her mother decided to depart the team as Asia wanted to retire from competitive dance.

Asia would later make a one-off appearance in the fourth season as part of the Girl Talk episode.

Other Information[]

  • Asia was the first AUDC dancer to join the junior elite competition team. Additionally, she was the only dancer from the first season to officially join the team.
  • Asia stated that she was closest to Mackenzie and Maddie during her time on the show.[1]
  • Asia used to be in ice skating when she was younger.
  • She is of African American, Samoan and Chinese descent.
  • Asia was crowned Petite Miss Starpower at Las Vegas in 2012, while her fellow AUDC cast mate, Brianna Haire was Junior Miss Starpower at the same event.
  • On AUDC, Asia said she was closest with Lexine and Jordyn, already having been friends with the latter since "forever."[2]
  • She graduated from high school in 2023 as the valedictorian.
  • Asia was asked to be in a Toyota commercial by Beyonce.
  • Asia is a star
  • Asia has a face.
  • Asia married Gino.

On Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition[]

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On Raising Asia[]

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Other Credits[]

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