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Isabella Rose "Bella" Hoffheins is one of Abby's replacement dancers when the regular Moms went on strike early in Season 3.

Like her friend Kaeli Ware, Bella has danced for Studio Bleu Dance Center in Northern Virginia.

In Dance Moms[]

Bella made her first formal appearance in the third season episode Out With the Old, In With the New where Bella was one of Abby's replacement dancers along with Kaeli and Sophia Lucia. She performs in the group number "Cry."

Later, she and her mother Marcia become upset when they believe Gloria is arranging a solo for her daughter Kaeli which would leave Bella as the only dancer not having one.

Abby becomes upset with the group and their dance when they finish second to Hadley and Yvette's studio.

Along with Kaeli, Bella leaves the ALDC when Abby blames their mothers (Marcia and Gloria) for driving away Ally and her mother Shelly.

In Revenge of the Replacements, Bella and Kaeli competed against the Abby Lee Dance Company at a competition in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Bella's solo finished fourth while her group dance with Studio Bleu won first above the ALDC. Abby and the ALDC moms questioned Bella's age.


  • She is active in the Dancers vs. Cancer campaign, performing a duet ("Tribute to Delaney") with fellow Studio Bleu dancer Tillie Glatz (video link.)
  • Bella said it was awesome being on Dance Moms, even with the ups-and-downs and hard work. But she especially would love to someday dance with Nia, Brooke, Paige, Chloe, Maddie, Mackenzie and Kendall.[4]
  • Bella attended the same Starpower competition filmed for Maddie Has a Secret. Bella's solo finished behind only Maddie, Kaeli, and another Studio Bleu teammate; and was judged one spot above Chloe's solo.[5]
  • At the Starpower competition filmed for Guess Who's Back?, Bella finished fifth behind Maddie, Kamryn Beck, and Kaeli. Paige's "Creme de La Creme" placed sixth, while Nia's "Workin' Girl" took ninth.[6]
  • Bella's favorite style of dance is lyrical.[4]
  • Bella has been dancing since around 2004, but only started dancing competitively in late 2009.[4]
  • Eventually, Bella would like to be a choreographer, a ballerina, and on Broadway.[4]
  • She was born November 1st, 2001, exactly one year after Paige Hyland.


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