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“Born to Sing”
Born to Sing
Song by
Judy Fox
Dance:   "Dream/Born to Sing"
Album:   W3K - Show Tunes & Theatre - Vocal Songs
WhattaGuy Music
Writer(s):   William Brandt • Walter Brandt • Keith Volpone • Jay Lazaroff • Craig Owens
Producer(s):   We3Kings
Album Chronology
Previous: “Atlantic City”
Current: Born to Sing
Next: “Bring On The Boyz
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Song (Youtube link)
"Born to Sing" is a song produced by We3Kings with Judy Fox on lead vocals. It was used for Chloe's solo, which is known as both "Dream" and "Born to Sing," in Everyone's Replaceable, however another song was dubbed in during the broadcast of the episode.

The music is released under "Would Work Sound" on Spotify.


I was born to sing
Born to dance
I was born to put every single one of you people
In a hypnotic trance
I was born to laugh
Born to cry
Born to bring people pleasure
The greatest pleasure
Just give me a try

So skyke up the band
And give me a whirl
Cuz I'm gonna prove
That I'm your girl
Cuz I've just begun
And when I get done
You'll always remember this moment

I was born a star
Momma said I'd go far
I was born to travle in style
Milk every smile
I don't care who you are
I was born to cruise
Make you swoon
Born to sing to the world
A beautiful Girl
Carries a beautiful tune

I was born to sing
Born to dance
Born to put every single one of you people
In a hypotinic trance
I was born to laugh
Born to cry
Bring people pleasure
Bring you pleasure
I was born to sing


  • Chloe placed first in the junior division with this solo.
  • This choreography is used again for Chloe's "I Wanna Be A Rockette" solo, but is slightly altered.

Video Gallery[]

Youtube link

Chloe's solo from Everyone's Replaceable

Youtube link

Full solo with different music than the show