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g   Brandon Pent
Gender: Male
Born: July 16,[1]1995 [2]
Age: 27
Occupation: Air Force
Class of 2013
Affiliations: Reign Dance Productions
Abby Lee Dance Company
Height: 5' 9"[3]
Friends and Family
Parents: Diane Pent (mother)
Fred Pent (father)
Siblings: Brittany Pent (sister)
Danya (sister)[4]
Jessica (sister)[4]
Friends: Brooke Hyland
Paige Hyland
Nia Frazier
Maddie Ziegler
Mackenzie Ziegler
Chloe Lukasiak
Payton Ackerman
Gianna Martello
Kendall Vertes
Nick Dobbs
Love Interests: Brooke Hyland (crush)
Ryleigh Vertes (ex-girlfriend)
Episode Run
Debut: Love on the Dance Floor
Last: Recital Rebellion
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Brandon Tyler[5] Pent is a male dancer from Abby Lee Dance Company, first featured in Love on the Dance Floor of Dance Moms.

He graduated in 2013, amidst deteriorating relations between the Pent family and Abby,[6][7] afterwards joining the Air Force.[8][9]


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Season 3


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Other Information

  • Brandon recently graduated with the class of 2013.[10]
  • One of his influences is Frank Sinatra.[11]
  • As a dancer, Brandon favored jazz because the moves are faster and sharper.[11]
  • Brandon's hobbies are hunting, fishing, football and baseball. He used to play on football and baseball teams until he decided to focus on dance.[11]
  • Brandon was in a group dance called "First Class" that was performed at In10sity dance in Solo Fever, but not shown on Dance Moms. It received third place.
  • Brandon and his mom Diane were extras in the film Don't Back Down.[12] Originally, it was supposed to be Brandon and Brittany, but Brittany was unable to do it, so Diane went in her place.[13]
  • He was previously in a relationship with Ryleigh Vertes.[14]

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