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Brandon Talbott was a guest dancer at Candy Apple's Dance Center and part of Cathy's all-boy team, the "Apple Cores." Outside the show, he has been a member of Studio Bleu Dance Center.


Season Three[]

Other information[]

  • He had problems with a broken sesamoid foot injury throughout almost all of 2014.[6][7] He was back to performing normally in 2015.
  • He started dancing when he was nine.[8]
  • His favorite duets have been with Bella and Kaeli.[9]
  • Before being cast on Dance Moms, he auditioned for AUDC (which was called My Kid Can Dance during that period of development.) [10]
  • His father, Gary Talbott, is a musician. Brandon used to be pretty good with a trumpet and learned some guitar, but has largely given them up.[11]
  • He says Cathy is a really sweet person, but they edit things and make her do things to make her look horrible, including going into the ALDC dressing room to pick fights.[12] He says the first episodes were very fun,[13], but things got steadily worse. Cathy eventually told him that producers had been trying to make him have a meltdown, [14] and he didn't enjoy his time working with Anthony.[15]
  • He and his family quit the show, because of the drama, and a lack of solos and duets for him.[16] This included the show trying to get his father into arguments.[17]
  • He was closest with Nick Daniels, but considered Lennon to be kind of the leader of the Apple Core.[18]
  • Some of his favorite dancers are Sophia Lucia, Kalani Hilliker, Issac Lupien, Joey Arrigo, Alex Wong, and Ricky Ubeda.[19]
  • In 2015, Brandon finished as first runner-up for National Teen Male Outstanding Dancer at NYCDA's National Finale.[20] Elsewhere, he was Mr. Starpower (15-19) at their Myrtle Beach Nationals.[21]


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