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g   Brigette Triana
Gender: Female
Born: June 10[1]
Occupation: Realtor
Friends and Family
Spouse: Oscar Triana
Children: Lucas Triana (son)
Logan Triana (son)
Lex Triana (son)
Friends: Gina Torres
Yvette Walts
Kaya Wiley
Gina Dudash
Liza Smith
Melanie Huelsman
Jo Anne Morales
Jeanette Cota
Feuds: Cathy Nesbitt-Stein
Jo Anne Morales
Episode Run
Debut: Get Fierce! (DM: Miami)
Clash of the Dance Moms (DM)
Last: Move Over, I'm the Star (DM: Miami)
The New Maddie? (DM)

  Brigette Triana is Lucas’ mother. She first appeared in Dance Moms: Miami, and later as a mom for Candy Apple's in the original Dance Moms series.

Brigette is a realtor in the Miami area and the mother of three boys, Lucas, Logan and Lex. Brigette danced from age three throughout high school, and two of her sons are enrolled at Stars Dance Studio. She strongly believes Stars Dance Studio’s competition team is a generation of future dancers, and states becoming a Dance Mom at SDS was hard as the other moms think she’s a little crazy.


Brigette danced since the age of three and throughout her high school years, studying jazz, ballet and modern. Now the working mother of three boys, Brigette has two of her sons enrolled at Stars Dance Studios. Lucas started at the age of three simply because he loved music, loved to dance and it seemed to be a “fun activity on Saturdays.” Now, he has been there a year-and-a-half, while her youngest son Lex recently just took his first class.

Brigette loves Miami because it is a “melting pot” of different cultures and nationalities. To her, the beauty and sunshine of Miami Beach are the reasons she’d never leave. She also believes that the Stars Dance Studio’s competition team is a generation of “future dancers” from different cultures all living in the Miami area. Brigette notes, “When you combine this group and vibe with their coaches and their unique choreography, it brings artistry to the dance world that has never been seen before.”[2]

Appearances on Dance Moms

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


  • Her favorite styles of dance to watch are contemporary and lyrical.[3]
  • Besides dance, Brigette spends time at the gym, raises her sons, and goes to the beach with them.[3]


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