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Broadway Baby, or simply "Baby" for short, was a dog belonging to Abby Lee Miller.

During her lifetime she was often cared for by Melissa when Abby was away and Abby's mother who was like a second parent to her. She was featured in several episodes, one being Bye Bye Baby in which Maddie's dance and (originally) the group number "Beautiful Day" was dedicated to her.

In December 2012, Broadway Baby passed away due to kidney failure,[1] with Abby considering taxidermy a few weeks later. She was sixteen years old when she died, because she was born in 1996, which means 2012 was 16 years back.

Broadway Baby is a Bichon Frise. Her hair is curly and white all over and her ears dangle down. Like all Bichon Frise dogs, she has blackish-brown eyes and rheum underneath her eyelids.



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