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g   Brooke-Brandon Relationship
Relationship Information
Between: Brooke Hyland
Brandon Pent
Status: Friends
Former crushes
First Interaction: Love on the Dance Floor

  The Brooke-Brandon Relationship is the romantic relationship between Brooke Hyland and Brandon Pent.


Brooke and Brandon were set up on a date in Love on the Dance Floor so they would have chemistry in the group number "Snapshot", but they did not end up together in the end of episode, nor did the group dance place.

Season One

Love on the Dance Floor

Brandon visits the dance studio with his mother, Diane, to help Abby with the latest group number. He gets partnered with Brooke for the dance, which becomes awkward for the two of them, as they used to have feelings for each other. Abby wants them to still have these feelings so they can have chemistry for the dance, so she has Diane and Kelly set them on a date. Unfortunately, the date doesn't go well, so they didn't cooperate well for the dance. They ended up not placing at all, and the two don't end up together. It is unknown what will happen in later episodes, as Brandon did not return for season one.

Season Two

Solo Fever

Even though it was not aired in the episode, Brandon was present in the group dance "First Class" and had a "special" moment with Brooke.

Nationals 90210

Brandon makes an appearance in Brooke's music video for Summer Love Song, which was shown at the end of the episode. He was given the role of being the boy the song was about.


Love on the Dance Floor
Brooke: Brandon and I used to like each other a couple of years ago, but it never really went anywhere.

Kelly: Brandon and Brooke got paired up as duet partners. They used to do great together, and then they started liking each other – and dating. Once they started dating, they lost that connection in their dancing, ‘cause I think they were, like, embarrassed of each other.

Kelly: Brooke and Brandon are acting really weird during the group number doing their partnering. I think, personally, that they both still like each other – that’s why they’re acting that way.

Brooke: Brandon and I never even really dated. We . . . just liked each other and . . . hung out all the time. I’ve never even been on a real date before.

Brandon: You had fun?
Brooke: Yeah.
Brandon: That means I can drive you around when I get my license, right? I won’t try to crash like I did in there.
Brooke: I’ll die. [Brandon laughs]


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