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g   Brynn Rumfallo
Nickname(s): Brubles (by mom)[1]
Kisses (fresh faces)[2]
Websites: Instagram
Gender: Female
Born: July 1, 2003[3]
Age: 18
Home: Phoenix, Arizona
Occupation: Dancer
Cheerleader (former)
WFHS Class of 2021
Affiliations: Wake Forest High School (alumni)
WFHS Dance Team (former)
The Studio of Arizona
CHS Pom Team (former)
Casteel High School (former)
Highland High School (former)
HHS Hawkettes (former)
Club Dance Studio (former)
Abby Lee Dance Company (former)
Height: 5' 8"
Friends and Family
Parents: Ashlee Allen (mother)
Aaron Rumfallo (father)
Mike Allen (step-father)
Jessica Rumfallo (step-mother)
Siblings: Sadie Rumfallo (younger sister)
Noah Rumfallo (younger brother)
Oliver Rumfallo (step-brother)
Friends: Alexus Oladi
Areana Lopez
Ava Cota
Brady Farrar
Camryn Bridges
Elliana Walmsley
Hannah Colin
Jane Dickson
Jayden Bartels
JoJo Siwa
Kalani Hilliker
Kendall Vertes
Kendyl Fay
Kaycee Rice
Lilliana Ketchman
Mackenzie Ziegler
Maddie Ziegler
Maesi Caes
Nia Frazier
Peyton Evans
Pressley Hosbach
Sarah Georgiana
Sarah Hunt
Sarah Reasons
Saryna Garcia
Sophia Lucia
Tea' Adamson
Will Simmons
Love Interests: Hunter Barth (boyfriend)
Pets: Charlie (cat)
Lucy (dog)[4][5]
Gigi (dog)[6]
Episode Run
Debut: Wild Wild West Coast, Part 1
Last: Everyone's Replaceable... Even Abby
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Brynn Adela[7] Rumfallo (born July 1, 2003) is a dancer formerly from Club Dance in Phoenix, Arizona. Her mother is Ashlee Allen.

Brynn first featured on Dance Moms in Season 5, where she appeared as a guest dancer alongside former fellow Club Dance teammate, Sarah Reasons. She only featured in three episodes, before departing without an explanation.

Before Season 5, Brynn may be featured in a background of a Season 4 episode of Abby Strikes Back at the Orlando audition because she attended the audition with others, like Jojo Siwa, Kaleigh Cavanaugh, and a lot of other people attending the audition.

However, she was eventually invited back to the ALDC the following season in New Season, New Rules to dance in Maddie's place, who was away shooting a movie the first several weeks of the season. Brynn continued to dance as a member of the team following Maddie's return, and was finally made a permanent member of the elite team in Brynn's Big Moment, and remained a member throughout the next two seasons. After choosing to remain with the ALDC rather than join The Irreplaceables with the rest of the elite girls, thereby cutting off her relationships with them, Brynn and her mother remained on the show until Everyone's Replaceable... Even Abby where the elite team was disbanded.

Throughout her time on seasons 6 and 7, Brynn was championed by Abby as "the next Maddie" due to her exquisite lines, form, and flexibility, as well as her natural aptitude toward all styles of dance. However, she often felt awkward and uncomfortable amongst the other girls due to the moms' severe dislike of Ashlee and her insensitive comments, and was criticized by Abby and the other moms for her subpar acting skills and lack of emotional connection onstage.

In 2021, Brynn graduated from Wake Forest High School.

Other Information

  • Her zodiac sign is a Cancer.
  • After leaving the show, Brynn decided that she no longer wanted to dance as the show killed her passion for it.
  • Brynn's biggest role model is Alexa Moffett because she has been the best teacher and is like a big sister to her.[8]
  • Like Kalani, Brynn was given free tuition at Club Dance as she is a Best Dancer title owner.
  • In 2013, she was part of a dance group called "Fresh Faces" along with her studio mates from Club Dance and auditioned for the talent competition show "America's Got Talent" and reached up to the Quarterfinals.
  • In 2014, she was the 12-and-under winner for Abby's ALDC Dance Off[9], and thus earned a scholarship to that year's ALDC Booty Camp. She attended with her studio mates, including Kalani and Sarah R, and her teacher, Alexa. Brynn also assisted in classes at booty camp.
  • In 2015, Brynn said that her favorite solo she had ever done was "Enter One".[10]
  • Brynn shares the same birthday as fellow dancer Tate McRae. Ironically, both girls have won Mini Female Best Dancer at The Dance Awards and have been Abby's ALDC Dance Off 12-and-under winners.
  • She has been dancing since she was two years old.[11]
  • Brynn is the third ALDC Junior Elite Competition Team member to be from Phoenix, Arizona. The first being Kalani Hilliker, the second being Sarah Reasons, and the fourth being Kamryn Smith. Unlike Kamryn, Kalani and Sarah attended Club Dance with Brynn instead of Soul Shock Dance.
  • Her dream job is to be a model and be a backup dancer for Katy Perry.[8]
  • If she could meet any celebrity she would meet Rihanna because she loves her music.[8]
  • If a genie granted Brynn 3 wishes, she would wish for $1 million, to own Disneyland and to have no bad people in the world.[8]
  • Brynn's natural hair color is actually black. She stated in an interview that her hair started to turn blonde as she got older.
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is Cookies and Cream.[8]
  • When Brynn was little, she hated dance.[12]
  • Her favorite vegetables are pickles and asparagus.[12]
  • Brynn is the fourth blonde OG dancer to be featured on the ALDC Elite Competition Team. The first being Chloe Lukasiak, the second being Paige Hyland, the third being JoJo Siwa, and the fifth being Maesi Caes.
  • In 2019, she was cast as the character, Charlotte Stingray, on Brat's TV Show "Boss Cheer" alongside Sarah Reasons. Unlike Sarah, she only made her debut in Boss Cheer Season 2 Episode 4 "A traitor Among Us".
  • In 2019, Brynn and her family moved to Wake Forest, North Carolina. She now attends Wake Forest High School and is apart of their dance team.
  • In 2020, Brynn moved back to Arizona and is now living with Sarah and Tracey Reasons.

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