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g   Cathy Nesbitt-Stein
Nickname(s): Wicked Witch of The West Abby Lee Miller
Gender: Female
Born: April 19, 1959
Age: 63
Home: Canton, Ohio
Occupation: Studio Owner
Dance Teacher
Dancer (formerly)
Affiliations: Candy Apple's Dance Center
ALDC (former guest)
Friends and Family
Spouse: Mike Stein (husband)
Children: Vivi-Anne Stein (adoptive daughter)
Friends: Mitchell Finke
Blake McGrath
Abby Lee Miller
Kaya Wiley
Melanie Huelsman
Yvette Walts
Christi Lukasiak
Holly Hatcher-Frazier
Feuds: Jill Vertes
Brigette Triana
Jeanette Cota[1]
Kelly Hyland
Holly Hatcher-Frazier
Ashlee Allen
Camille Bridges
Episode Run
Debut: The Competition Begins
Last: Same Old Frenemies Part 2

 Cathy Jean Nesbitt-Stein is the mother of Vivi-Anne. She owns a dance studio named Candy Apple's Dance Center, located in Canton, Ohio. In the beginning of the series, Cathy entered her daughter into Abby's studio, but quit later in the first season.

Since leaving the ALDC for her own studio, Cathy has continually feuded with Abby and other members of the ALDC, getting into arguments and exchanging insults with them at competitions. Into the third season, Cathy had an especially bad relationship with Christi among the moms, with this eventually being replaced by a mutual hostility with Jill.

Other information

  • Cathy was the first person cast for the show.[2]
  • Her husband Mike Stein is an insurance adjuster and owns a Beef Jerky store, which was seen in an episode of Dance Moms.
  • Her sister-in-law Erin Stein-Rich choreographed "Stand Up."
  • Cathy's favorite style of dance to watch is ballet.[3]
  • Her hobbies include golfing, reading, designing vintage decorations, gardening, and shopping.[3]
  • Cathy says her studio now attracts Canton tourists, who also go next door to the Stein family's beef-jerky store.[4]
  • She's friends with Mitchell Finke,[5] who has helped choreograph Candy Apple's dances seen on the show.
  • Her favorite movie is Gone with the Wind.[6]
  • Cathy said she missed the end of the fifth season because of scheduling conflicts.[7]
  • She initially had a bad relationship with Christi Lukasiak, mom of Chloe Lukasiak and Clara Lukasiak, but later remedied the situation. During the show, she also had a feud with Brigette Triana, mom of Lucas Triana, and Jeanette Cota, mom of Ava Michelle Cota.
  • Even though they were on good terms, Cathy and Jill Vertes developed mutual hostility in later seasons. Jill initially joined Cathy’s dance studio but after she grew unhappy, she went back to Abby’s.
  • Cathy didn’t like Jessalynn Siwa, mom of JoJo Siwa, and didn’t develop a close relationship with Kelly Hyland, mom of Paige and Brooke Hyland.
  • After her time on the reality-TV show ended, she stayed in touch with Holly Frazier, Nia Sioux‘s mom.
  • Cathy has known Abby since 1988.
  • Many viewers concluded that Cathy was rude, impulsive, and arrogant on Dance Moms. Others have stated that she was very sweet outside of the TV show and that the editors are to blame for portraying her as a villain. The same is true for Abby Lee Miller, who admitted she is only harsh on her dancing students because she wants them to win but is very nice when they’re not practicing for a competition.
  • The show makes it seem like Cathy and Abby can’t stand each other. But in reality it is all drama for the show. They have actually been colleagues since 1988.


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