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g   Caylie Almada
Caylie Almada 2016 Headshot.jpg
Gender: Female
Born: January 2, 2004[1][2]
Age: 18
Home: Southern California
Occupation: Student
Class of 2022
Affiliations: Academy of Ballet Arts
Murrieta Dance Project
Friends and Family
Siblings: Ryan (brother)[3]
Friends: Kayla Seitel
Talia Seitel
Keara Nichols
Alexandra Gonzalez
Payton Sullivan
Elizabeth Rudisill
Mackenzie Clemens
Episode Run
Debut: West Coast Strikes Back
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Feat. video: "Carry Me Home" (2016)
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Caylie Almada is a dancer from the Murrieta Dance Project.

Other Information

  • Her favorite solo she has performed is "The Frail."[2]
  • Her favorite style of dance is contemporary.[2]
  • Caylie watches Dance Moms every week, and says it is her favorite show.[2]
  • If she was able to do a duet with someone on the show, she would pick Maddie, with Caylie considering her a beautiful dancer.[2]
  • Her favorite school subject is math.[2]
  • Her favorite competition memory is performing in "Come At Us," a group hip hop number which repeatedly received standing ovations.[2]
  • The favorite song she has danced to is "Angels", used for a lyrical group dance.
  • Her favorite color is purple.[2]
  • Her favorite movie is Frozen.[2]

Dance Moms Dances

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