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g Chaos at Nationals
Season 5, Episode 31
531 The Waiting Room 1
Air Date: August 11, 2015
Viewers: 1.399 million, 0.54 rating[1]
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Throwback Tuesday: Kendall & Jill
Throwback Tuesday: Mackenzie & Melissa
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"Chaos at Nationals" is the thirty-first episode of the fifth season of Dance Moms. It first aired August 11, 2015.

Note: A special episode Throwback Tuesday: Mackenzie & Melissa aired immediately after this episode.


ALDC's competition season comes to a close with Nationals and the girls feel the pressure to remain undefeated and prevail in LA over their rivals at Broadway Dance Academy. But with Abby opening her new studio the day before competition, the girls are left with little time to prepare. The girls give their all to make their leader proud but the tension spirals out of control, leading to a chaotic ending unlike any Nationals before.

Competition Attended

Weekly Dances

Abby Lee Dance Company
Dance Name
Dance Style
The Waiting Room Contemporary 2nd Overall
1st in Junior
Center Stage Junior National Champion
Maddie Someone Special Lyrical 2nd in Junior
Nia No Matter What Contemporary 2nd in Teen
Mackenzie Dreamer
(Not Shown)
Acrobatic Lyrical 4th in Junior
Junior Miss Center Stage
Kalani Run
(Not Shown)
Improv[3] 1st in Duo/Trio Division[4][5]
JC's Broadway Dance Academy
Dance Name
Dance Style
Ava Cota
Haley Huelsman
Tessa Wilkinson
Chloe Smith
Ashtin Roth
Moving Target Open 1st Overall
1st in Teen
Center Stage Teen National Champion
Ava The Myth of the Mermaid Contemporary 1st in Junior

Other Information

  • Pyramid:
    • Nia
    • Maddie, Kalani
    • Kendall, Mackenzie, JoJo
  • There were various mix-ups during awards:
    • Kalani's solo placed in the duet/trio category[6][7]
    • Mackenzie's solo placed 4th but was crowned the junior national title despite not being entered in the title division.[8] This title also realistically should've been given to Ava.
  • Mackenzie fell on concrete shortly before the competition, suffering cuts and scratches.[9]
  • Nia's music video for "Slay" premiered live at the competition.[10]
  • Center Stage Dance Competition is linked to World Class Talent Experience and to DanceKidsUSA in some fashion; in the past, all three have given an identical phone number for contact, with that number located in Pompano Beach, Florida.[11]
    • After the first competition, Center Stage gave a different contact phone number from Pompano Beach, matching that of Backstage Boss; with that organization's managing member also being the VP of DanceKidsUSA.[12]
  • May 24: JoJo event in Las Vegas[13]
  • May 30: Official "Grand Opening" date for ALDC LA.[14] (There was also an overflowing crowd for the pre-event earlier in the day.)[15]
  • During the week, the Gisoni (Ziegler) family sold their old home in Pittsburgh, moving into a larger custom built house.[16][17]

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