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g   Cheryl Chapman
Cheryl Chapman2.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 50s
Home: Florida
Affiliations: ALDC (guest)
Friends and Family
Children: Fallon Chapman
Friends: Jill Vertes
Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni
Holly Hatcher-Frazier
Christi Lukasiak
Episode Run
Debut: Abby Strikes Back
Last: Blame It on the New Girl

  Cheryl Chapman is the mother of Fallon Chapman who was featured on one episode of Dance Moms.

On Dance Moms[]

Cheryl and her daughter attended auditions in Orlando in the episode Abby Strikes Back. Abby is impressed by Fallon, and asks Cheryl about their studio. When Abby says she sounds like a studio hopper, Cheryl denies it, instead explaining that she was kicked out of her previous studio.

Cheryl and her daughter return in the episode Blame It on the New Girl. She is immediately asked her age, and if she had fake boobs, to which she responded "mid 40's and no fake boobs". Later in the episode she is seen crying after Abby insults Fallon. When Fallon's costume is left back in Pittsburgh, Abby blames Cheryl. Fallon forgets her solo due to injuring herself during the performance, and can be seen being treated with bloody bandages; Cheryl's daughter does return to perform in the group dance, which finishes first. At the end of the episode, Abby says they will most likely not be returning. 



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