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g   Chloe Greenwood
Nickname(s): Chloe Snr
Big Chloe
Gender: Female
Born: April 16th 2000
Age: 20
Occupation: Dancer
Year 13 in the 2017/18 school year
Affiliations: Nazene Danelle's Dance Dynamix
Airborn Academy[1]
JEDT (former)
Friends and Family
Parents: Carol Greenwood
Grandparents: Linda Brough (maternal grandmother)[2]
Friends: Aleah Simpson
Tayluer Amos
Eleiyah Navis
Chloe Fenton
Molly Thorpe-Franklin
Sam Dennis
Leah Rose Kennedy
Episode Run
Debut: Dance Mums: Abby Meets Jennifer
Last: I Wasn't Prepared for This
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Chloe Leigh Greenwood (born April 16, 2000) is a classic, ballet dancer and all she has ever known is dancing, she has the skill she needs to succeed. As she gets older however, her interest in dance is fading which causes friction with her mum, who wants her to be the best.[3]

Although Chloe and her mum did not return as part of the main cast in the second season of Dance Mums, they did make a one-off appearance in I Wasn't Prepared for This.

Other Information

  • She was often referred to as "Chloe Snr" or "Big Chloe" during season one as there was another Chloe on the team.
  • Along with EleiyahChloe JnrMolly, and Tayluer, she dances with Nazene Danelle's Dance Dynamix.
  • She is a North West Modern Champion as well as a Janet Cram Premier Winner.
  • As of 2014, she had been dancing for over twelve years.
  • Lyrical is her favourite dance style as she feels like she gets to express herself more.
  • Whilst on the show, she saw Eleiyah and Tayluer as her biggest competitors.
  • She was asked to leave the team due to lack of commitment.
  • Chloe won a bronze model with her modern solo "I Will Always Love You" at the Dance World Cup 2015 in Romania. The full solo can be found here.
  • As well as her solo, she also competed a duet with a boy named Andrew at the DWC 2015. The duet can be found here.
  • She auditioned for Got To Dance in 2012, which was the same year Tayluer competed. Her audition can be watched here.


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On Stage

  • Cinderella (Dec 2015-Jan 2016)

Filmography and Discography

Acting Credits

Year Series Role Notes
2014Doll FactoryLead RoleSet to be released sometime in 2015

As Herself

Year Series Role Notes
2014-presentDance MumsRecurringChloe was an original member of the team. In One Man Down: Crisis Auditions, Chloe and her mother were excluded due to a physical altercation between Carol and Danielle in the previous episode. However she returned the next week with her grandmother Linda- who took her mother's place for the rest of the season. After Nationals, Chloe and Linda were asked to leave the team. She did not feature in most of season two but was invited to join the group dance in I Wasn't Prepared for This.


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