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“Closet Freak”
603 JoJo I'll Show You the Dark Side 1
Song by
Midi Mafia featuring Bebe O'Hare
Dance:   "I'll Show You the Dark Side"
Album:   How It Is
Rap, Hip Hop
Extreme Music
Album Chronology
Previous: “—”
Current: “Closet Freak”
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For the other song used for the solo see, Light My Fire.

Song (Youtube link)
"Closet Freak" is a song by Midi Mafia featuring Bebe O'Hare. It was used for JoJo's solo "I'll Show You the Dark Side" in Mini Dancers, Big Drama.

Youtube link
Solo from broadcast


Mark be all on my case
Jacob all on my mind
Stacy good on this feet
Adam all on my line
I say Ralphie call me his main
Lex won’t give me no time
Fresh to def when I’m dressin' dressin'
Ball so I mean flexin’ flexin’
Go wherever Givenchy go
Blowing all the Versace dough
Told me that was his old work
I’m the one and we sponsored tho
Giorgio in Armani frames
Gucci belt and designer chains
Louis wanna be baby daddy
Call me up with designer names

I got a bald man I call Balmain
Spoil me on the weekend
And then take me out to the ball game
Jordan fresh and he tall man
Cartier got them dollars
I’ma closet freak no time to speak
I ain’t saying it like I’m proud of something

Bang bang bang bang

You see me up at the mall
You know I’m buying it out
They say I ran thru’em all
I say I’m trying them out
And they don’t think that I ball
So now I’m flying them out
But keep it on the low