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Dance Mums
General Information
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 17
Broadcast Information
Original channel: Lifetime UK
Premiere: October 13, 2014
Finale: November 30, 2015
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Dance Moms: Miami

Dance Mums (aka. Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison or Dance Mums UK) is a reality television series. The show follows Jennifer Ellison, the owner of Jelli Studios in Liverpool, England, as she coaches young dancers in the dance and show business. It is a spin-off of the American TV series Dance Moms.

The show aired two seasons before being cancelled in 2015.

Episode Guide

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The Instructors

Cast2-Jen (crop).jpg

Jennifer Ellison: Owner of Jelli Studios.

The Mums

Maxine Kelly (crop).jpg

Maxine Kelly: Mother of Tayluer.

Serena McConville (crop).jpg

Serena McConville: Mother of Chloe Jnr.

Lisa Kennedy (crop).jpg

Lisa Kennedy: Mother of Leah Rose.

Kelly Navis (crop).jpg

Kelly Navis: Mother of Eleiyah.

Danielle Simpson (crop).jpg

Danielle Simpson: Mother of Aleah.

The Dancers

Tayluer Amos (crop).jpg

Tayluer Amos: Maxine's daughter. Tayluer is labelled as being Jennifer's favorite on the team.

Chloe Fenton (crop).jpg

Chloe Fenton: Serena's daughter. Despite being one of the youngest dancers on the team, Chloe sets the bar high and proves to be a real firecracker.

Leah Rose Dollworx Headshot.jpg

Leah Rose Kennedy: Lisa's daughter. Leah Rose was first seen on the show at the crisis auditions in season one. She later returned the following season as part of the reserve team. After impressing Jennifer, Leah Rose was later added to the team in Bring It On.

Eleiyah Navis (crop).jpg

Eleiyah Navis: Kelly's daughter. During the first season, Eleiyah was often the "number two" girl after Tayluer. However by the second season, Eleiyah was deemed to be one of Jen's favorites.

Aleah Simpson (crop).jpg

Aleah Simpson: Danielle's daughter. Aleah is often referred to as being the weakest link on the team, due to her lack of experience in the world of competitive dance.

Former Cast


10643790 1532654150301155 1665310333 n.jpg

Carol Greenwood: Mother of Chloe Snr. Carol was excluded from the team following a physical altercation between her and Danielle in It's All Kicking Off. Carol made a few cameos throughout the rest of Season 1 but did not return as a main cast member in Season 2. However, her and Chloe were invited back in I Wasn't Prepared for This, with this being their final appearance on the show.

1516337 646488322138621 2117610302 n.jpg

Helen Thorpe-Franklin: Mother of Molly. Helen and her daughter appeared in the first season of the show but were not invited back for season two.

Charlotte Traynor (crop).jpg

Charlotte Traynor: Mother of Sam. Charlotte and her daughter had appeared on the show from the very beginning but chose to depart after the second season due to Jennifer's treatment towards Sam.


10643790 1532654150301155 1665310333 n.jpg

Chloe Greenwood: Daughter of Carol. Jennifer often critized Chloe as being a "safe dancer" and lazy. She was cut from the team after the conclusion of the first season, however she later returned with her mother in I Wasn't Prepared for This for a one-off appearance.

1516337 646488322138621 2117610302 n.jpg

Molly Thorpe-Franklin: Daughter of Helen. Despite being a strong dancer, Molly often didn't perform to her highest potential. Molly and her mother appeared in the first season of the show but were not invited back for season two.

Sam Dennis (crop).jpg

Sam Dennis: Daughter of Charlotte. Sam often found herself stuck in the shadows of Eleiyah and Tayluer during her time on the show. Sam and her mother finally departed in the season two finale, due to Jennifer's treatment towards Sam.

For other mums and dancers appearing on the show, see also:


Set in Liverpool, Dance Mums follows British national treasure Jennifer Ellison and her Dance Academy girls as they compete against the nation's best in the competitive world of dance. Dance Mums follows a group of passionate and incredibly talented children in pursuit of their dreams, accompanied by their ambitious, driven and straight-talking mums in pursuit of trophies. This show brings unfiltered passion, jaw-dropping talent and great British humor together as Jennifer, her girls, and their mums compete for greatness.[1]

Origins and creation of the show

  • The series is produced by ITV's "factual arm" Shiver,[2][3] rather than Collins Avenue.
  • The show was planned to go into production of episodes sometime after Jennifer Ellison gave birth, who was nine months pregnant in early September 2014.
  • There was originally to be eight families[4][5] in Season 1, however only seven ended up being featured.
  • During an interview on Liverpool local radio show on City Talk 105.9 , Jennifer talked about how she has not trained the girls on the show and has never claimed to have trained them. She put together the team, through auditioning the girls, as she wanted to give kids from Liverpool the opportunity to get their names out.
  • Filming of Season 2 began March 7, 2015 with auditions for dancers to appear on the show.[6][7]

The Pyramid

Like Dance Moms, the British version of the show features a pyramid system. The pyramid is used to show who performed the best and the worst each week.

Season 1

Episode  1 
[n1 1][8]
 2   3   4 
[n1 2][9]
[n1 3]
 6   7   8 
Tayluer Top Bottom Middle Top No Pyramid Middle Top Top
Eleiyah Middle Top Middle Top No Pyramid Middle Middle Middle
Chloe Jnr Middle Middle Bottom Middle No Pyramid Top Bottom Top
Sam Bottom Bottom Top Top No Pyramid Bottom Middle Middle
Molly Bottom Middle Bottom Middle No Pyramid Middle Bottom Bottom
Aleah Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom No Pyramid Bottom Bottom Bottom
Chloe Snr Bottom Bottom Excluded
[n1 4][10]
N/A No Pyramid Bottom Bottom Bottom
  1. At the beginning of the episode, Tayluer was rewarded the top spot but after a rehearsal, due to the impressive performance given, Eleiyah was placed on top and Tayluer was moved down to the next spot.
  2. The pyramid was presented upside down with the top spot going to three girls, Tayluer, Eleiyah and Sam, the middle spots going to Chloe Jnr and Molly and the bottom going to Aleah. Chloe Snr was not given a spot on the pyramid.
  3. There was no pyramid. Jennifer threw the photos on the ground and said "...not one of you deserves to be higher than anybody else..."
  4. Due the physical altercation between Carol and Danielle during It's All Kicking Off, Chloe Snr. and her mum were excluded from the competition.

Season 2

Episode  1   2   3 
[n2 1][11]
 4   5   6 
[n2 2]
 7   8 
Old Pyramid
[n2 3]
New Pyramid
[n2 4]
Eleiyah Middle Top Middle Bottom Bottom Bottom Top Top Middle
Tayluer Bottom Middle Middle Bottom Top Top Middle N/A
Chloe Bottom Bottom Top Bottom Middle Bottom Bottom Bottom Top
Sam Top Bottom N/A Bottom Middle Bottom Middle Middle Middle
Aleah Bottom Bottom Bottom Top Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom
Leah Rose N/A Bottom Bottom Bottom Middle Bottom
Harry Middle Middle N/A
  1. Both Sam and Harry were not included on the pyramid for different reasons. Sam was kicked out of the group because of the fight between her mum and Jen. Harry was not with the team this week because he is not a strong commercial dancer.
  2. All of the girls besides Tayluer (as she won the music video) were placed on the bottom as Jen felt like they all deserved to be equal.
  3. Placements based on photo shoot
  4. Placements based on dance

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