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Daviana Fletcher (born March 27, 2002) is the youngest child of Tim and Fernanda Fletcher.


Prior to appearing on Dance Moms, Daviana was training at The Dance Place. In Two Teams, Two Studios Part 2, she had an unseen solo which beat Kalani in the teen solo division.

Daviana would later audition to join the ALDC elite competition team in Season 7 and she made her first official appearance on the show alongside her mother, Fernanda, in Abby's Worst Nightmare. She remained on the team until Winner Takes All, where she was dismissed after failing to beat Kalani. Abby later stated on social media that she fought for Daviana and her mom to stay, but that the producers insisted on them leaving.[1]

She returned three episodes later in The Fresno Curse as a guest in the group dance "Good Help is Hard to Find". This would be her final appearance on the show.

After the show Daviana began dancing at K2 Studios, as well as competing as part of Orange Coast College's Spirit Squad. She now attends the University of Arkansas and is part of the Arkansas Razorbacks Pom Squad.[2][3]

Other Information[]

  • Alongside Camryn Bridges and Maesi Caes, Daviana was one of the dancers who was called back from Abby's and the Dance Moms audition process.
  • Daviana's older brother, David, is an infielder on the Los Angeles Angels major league baseball team.[4]
  • She is a two-time NDA National Champion.[5]


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