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g   Daviana Fletcher
Nickname(s): Davi
Websites: Instagram(more)
Gender: Female
Born: March 27, 2002[1]
Age: 20
Home: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Dancer
Class of 2020
Affiliations: The Dance Place
K2 Studios
Abby Lee Dance Company (former guest)
Friends and Family
Parents: Fernanda Fletcher (mother)
Siblings: Dominic Fletcher (brother)
David Fletcher (brother)
Friends: Elliana Walmsley
Jane Dickson
Lilliana Ketchman
Kalani Hilliker
Nia Frazier
Kendall Vertes
Sarah Hunt
Miranda Maleski
Haley Huelsman
Sarah Reasons
Camryn Bridges
Reagan Martin
Brynn Rumfallo
Maesi Caes
Gianna Martello
Episode Run
Debut: Two Teams, Two Studios Part 2 (cameo)
Abby's Worst Nightmare
Last: The Fresno Curse
Quick Links
Feat. video: Solo "Why" (2017)
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Daviana Fletcher (born March 27, 2002) is a dancer that featured in Season 7 of Dance Moms.

Other Information

  • Her zodiac sign is an Aries.
  • She is signed to MSA Talent Agency.
  • Alongside Camryn Bridges and Maesi Caes, Daviana was one of the dancers who was called back from Abby's and the Dance Moms audition process.
  • After appearing on Dance Moms, Daviana stated in a live stream that she was closest with Camryn on the team and that she didn't miss being on the show whatsoever.


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