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Eleiyah Navis (born September 26, 2000) is a dancer from Jelli Studios. She is the daughter of Kelly Navis.

Other Information[]

  • Her name is often mispronounced as "ee-lie-yah" when in fact it's pronounced the same as Aleah's name.
  • Her favourite film is Chicago, in which Jennifer starred in on the West End.
  • Eleiyah's proudest moment is when she won Janet Cram in 2014.
  • Her favourite colour is pink.
  • Eleiyah's competitors are Sam and Tayluer because they're all the same age.
  • Her favourite Dance Moms girl is Maddie.
  • Eleiyah's idol is her teacher Jennifer because she's been on the West End.
  • Her favourite food is a roast dinner.
  • Eleiyah's favourite pop stars are Beyonce and Christina Aguilera.
  • Her favourite dance styles are lyrical and tap.
  • Eleiyah's favourite subject at school is English.
  • Lyla, Eleiyah's sister, was born on Friday 23rd May 2014. This is the reason her mum was not at the competition for It's All Kicking Off and why she was not in the episode One Man Down: Crisis Auditions.
  • Eleiyah is one of the oldest students in her year at school.
  • Eleiyah performed a modern solo at the 2014 Dance World Cup that was not shown on the episode It's the Dance World Cup; it can be seen here.
  • Eleiyah is the UK ambassador for California Kisses as well as Capezio[4].
  • In January 2019, Eleiyah auditioned for the first season of the BBC series The Greatest Dancer together with Harry Smallman, making it to the live shows as part of Cheryl's team. They finished in second place in the final.


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Filmography and Discography[]

Acting Credits[]

Year Series Role Notes
2014 Doll Factory Minor Role Set to be released sometime in 2016

As Herself[]

Year Series Role Notes
2014-present Dance Mums Main Cast Eleiyah and her mother have been featured on the show since the first season.
2019 The Greatest Dancer Competitor Runner-up (as Harry & Eleiyah)


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Video Gallery[]

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