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Episode Guide

Dance Moms is an American reality television series that debuted on Lifetime on July 13, 2011. Created by Collins Avenue Productions, it is set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Abby Lee Dance Company, and follows children's early careers in dance show business and their mothers. New episodes are broadcast by Lifetime on Tuesdays at 9.8c.

Series overview

Season Episodes Additional
Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
Season 1: 2011 13 0 July 13, 2011 October 12, 2011
Season 2: 2012 28 2 January 10, 2012 September 25, 2012
Season 3: 2013 39 1 January 1, 2013 December 10, 2013
Season 4: 2014 32 2 January 1, 2014 October 14, 2014
Season 5: 2015 32 6 January 6, 2015 August 18, 2015
Season 6: 2016 30 3 January 5, 2016 November 22, 2016
Season 7: 2016/17 27 3 November 29, 2016 October 24, 2017
Season 8: 2019 18 3 June 4, 2019 September 10, 2019
Season 9: 2024 11 0 May 1, 2024 N/A

Season 1: 2011

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
1 1 The Competition Begins July 13, 2011

Abby Lee Miller began her self-named company at age fourteen, and is well-known for her dramatic performances on and offstage. Abby's behavior around and towards her young students can sometimes have their moms questioning Abby's overall sanity. The group heads from Pittsburgh to Phoenix, Arizona for a dance competition, where Abby and Christi argue after a mishap with Chloe's headpiece.

2 2 Wildly Inappropriate July 20, 2011

After their low-scoring group routine in Phoenix, the team heads to conservative Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Abby readies the girls for a group number called “Electricity”, hoping to spice up their image. The girls are clad in provocative costumes that has the moms on edge.

3 3 Cheerleader Blues July 27, 2011

This week, the group number is an acro routine. Abby pulls in Brooke, as she is the best acro dancer in the group, but mayhem ensues when Brooke injures her hip and decides to quit dance in favor of cheerleading.

4 4 Stealing the Show August 3, 2011

Abby gives each student a solo for the next competition, but gives Maddie two solos. Abby claims it is because Maddie takes tap lessons outside the group, but Christi doesn’t buy it and demands that Melissa pull out one of Maddie’s solos, the situation ending in an explosive fight and girls' tears.

5 5 When Stars Collide August 10, 2011

A Broadway casting agent is coming to the Abby Lee Dance Company’s Annual Showcase, and all of the moms want their daughters to be seen. However, they believe that the agent’s visit is just a hoax to have Maddie get hired. Abby tells the moms that they will also be performing onstage and appoints Cathy as the choreographer. Cathy becomes too overbearing and steals the spotlight at the showcase, infuriating Abby and the moms.

6 6 Dying to Dance August 17, 2011

Christi’s grandmother is hospitalized and Christi is forced to decide between family and dance. In the end she chooses to stick with dance. Fortunately, she later finds out that her grandmother is okay. Meanwhile, Cathy convinces the other moms to get botox in celebration of Kelly's fortieth birthday. The moms and Abby argue over how well the dance "Where Have All The Children Gone" will be received, with its eerie theme and narrative poetry, leaving the judges to decide.

7 7 She's a Fighter August 24, 2011

Holly grows tired of her daughter Nia being cast in ethnic-related routines when given a Laquifa routine, and confronting Abby over the fact gets nowhere. Meanwhile, Maddie dedicates her new solo "Angel" to her late grandmother.

8 8 Love on the Dance Floor August 31, 2011

Brooke’s ex-crush Brandon returns to the ALDC to star in their group routine, "Snapshot". Abby sets Brandon and Brooke on a date in order to create chemistry before their dance, but the atmosphere is awkward and the performance goes badly. Meanwhile Kelly tries to reconnect with Brandon’s mom, Diane, and Abby visits her mother accompanied by her dancers.

9 9 From Ballerinas to Showgirls September 7, 2011

Chloe finds herself at the top of Abby's pyramid for the first time, but is she being set up? Meanwhile, Cathy takes her daughter Vivi-Anne out of Abby Lee Dance Company to join Candy Apples Dance Center. She secretly readies her dancers to go against Abby's dancers.

10 10 Cathy Brings It On September 14, 2011

In Hollywood, Kelly decides to secretly hire choreographers to give her daughters Brooke and Paige an edge. To everyone's shock, Cathy arrives with her Candy Apples dancers to go head to head against Abby's dancers, and Chloe becomes confused when hearing her "Dream On A Star" music played before being prepared.

11 11 It All Ends Here September 28, 2011

After competing throughout the entire season, it all boils down to the National Title Competition. Abby's dancers have been on a losing streak and this is their last chance to prove they can win. Meanwhile, Melissa leaves the competition early to go on vacation. Her ex-husband, Kurt, steps in as a "Dance Dad," sending Melissa into a panic.

12 12 There's Only One Star October 5, 2011

Abby brings the girls back to LA to audition for a music video. The group gets cast, but then continue to compete for the lead, as only one girl will be the star. The main competition is, as usual, between Maddie and Chloe, but this time Abby isn't the judge.

13 13 Most Outrageous Moments October 12, 2011

Abby Lee Miller hosts a clipshow featuring the fifteen most outrageous moments seen on Dance Moms.

Season 2: 2012

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
14 1 Everyone's Replaceable January 10, 2012

The departure of Cathy and Vivi-Anne creates an opportunity for Abby to change the make-up of her dance group with a big open audition in which Kendall Vertes wins, and Abby warns no one can be secure of their spot on the ALDC team. Meanwhile, Holly's busy career schedule forces her to miss Nia's rehearsals and competitions, which Abby sees as a lack of Dance Mom dedication. Abby also has to come to terms with Chloe's growing success.

15 2 Return of the Candy Apples January 17, 2012

Abby's dancers go head to head against Cathy's Candy Apples again, but this time Cathy makes sure her dancers are unbeatable, even if it means cheating. In order to do that, Cathy sets up a poaching trap for the Dance Moms by inviting them over to an anonymous cocktail party.

16 3 Brooke's Turning Point January 24, 2012

Brooke tries out for cheerleading, leaving Abby and the other dancers in a lurch the day before a big competition. Their group dance "Born to Dance" places first overall and Brooke gets into the cheerleading squad, therefore leaving the ALDC.

17 4 No One Likes A Bully January 31, 2012

Abby choreographs a bully-themed dance and replaces Brooke with Payton. She also puts Jill, Kendall, Leslie, and Payton on probation as they battle for the one spot on the ALDC competition team. Jill doesn't think Payton should be on the team because she is too tall and stands out from the other girls, but thinks her daughter Kendall is just right for the spot. Abby becomes displeased when Payton critiques the group performance.

18 5 Brooke's Back February 7, 2012

Brooke's return leaves no room for Payton, causing Leslie to consider taking her daughter to Candy Apple's. Abby allows Brooke back into the dance company but warns her that she must win her division in order for her to stay. Mackenzie impresses Abby with her improvement as a dancer. Abby also announces that Kendall is off probation, but Jill gets put on.

19 6 Jill on the Rampage
(aka "Wardrobe Malfunction")
February 14, 2012

Abby puts the moms in charge of making the girls' costumes themselves for the competition. However, Jill breaks the rules by buying an expensive dance outfit for Kendall, leading to a conflict with Abby and almost causing Kendall to be unable to perform. Meanwhile, Maddie slips and falls during her performance.

20 7 Bullets and Ballet February 21, 2012

Paige is at the top of the pyramid for once, but her trio rehearsals receive harsh criticisms from Abby. Maddie is at the bottom of the pyramid, to both Maddie and Melissa's surprise. Abby choreographs a Private-Eye themed dance that involves guns, igniting drama between she and the moms. Meanwhile, the moms perform their own investigations on Jill, and find her talking to her old studio at the competition.

21 8 The Runaway Mom February 28, 2012

After Kendall is put back on probation, Jill has had enough and decides to take Kendall to dance at Candy Apple's, who surprise the ALDC by showing up at the same event. Abby choreographs a wedding themed dance, attempting to end Melissa's secretiveness. In addition, Holly leaves the competition early after feeling she and her daughter were manipulated.

22 9 Topless Showgirls March 6, 2012

The Dance Moms think Abby has pushed the envelope too far when she creates a dance number where the girls are made to appear nude. Meanwhile, Cathy offers Chloe a chance to be in a commercial for her husband's beef jerky business.

23 10 Miami Heat Wave March 13, 2012

The dancers leave snowy Pittsburgh for the warm beaches of Miami, but unfortunately not everything is a vacation. Holly is upset that Nia is once again not considered for a role in the coveted team trio, and confronts Abby, only to get expelled from the studio. Also, Paige gets her planters warts removed and is almost pulled from the trio due to the pain. Elsewhere, Kendall performs at a Globetrotters game.

24 11 Melissa Pleads the Fifth March 20, 2012

Melissa is tired of Christi and Kelly’s inquiries about her engagement and has her attorney send a letter to the nosy mothers. The letter gets not only the moms worked up, but causes meltdowns in the dance studio. Melissa must choose between being a customer of Abby’s and a friend of Cathy’s. Meanwhile, a Candy Apple's dance routine goes wrong and one of the dancers must be rushed to the hospital.

25 12 Waiting for Joffrey March 27, 2012

The dance troupe learns that a scout from the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School will attend their next competition, and they work hard in order to impress him. An injured Nia is placed in a trio with Mackenzie and Paige, and are pitted against a formidable trio comprised of their own teammates.

26 13 Abbygeddon April 3, 2012

In the mid-season finale, Abby's dancers compete in the regionals and for a scholarship at the Joffrey Ballet School. Unfortunately, the Candy Apples are also competing for both, leading to an emotional breakdown by Abby.

27 -- Abby's Most OMG Moments June 5, 2012

Abby counts down her most shocking moments from season two.

28 14 The Battle Begins June 5, 2012

Abby returns, Maddie tries to regain her confidence, while Chloe feels the weight of the dance company on her shoulders. But as Mackenzie falls during her solo, the team is in for another disappointing week at competition.

29 15 Night of the Living Dancers June 12, 2012

Abby criticizes the lifeless dancing of her squad, and choreographs a zombie themed dance to suit them, and Holly strives to create the elaborate costumes. Abby throws a chair, Kelly makes a drastic decision moments before her daughters take the stage, and Maddie struggles to find confidence in a week when her music skips.

30 16 I Know What You Did Last Competition June 19, 2012

Abby and Melissa face a cheating scandal, Kelly's daughters are put on probation, Mackenzie has a solo that makes up for last week's slip, and the girls compete against two crack teams aiming for them at a contest in Michigan.

31 17 Maddie Has A Secret June 26, 2012

Abby secretly enters Maddie in two competitions at the same event. With Brooke absent for a school dance, Payton returns for a group number inspired by "The Hunger Games."

32 -- Abby's Dance-a-Thon July 03, 2012

Abby ranks dance performances from worst to best.

33 18 How Do You Like Them Apples? July 10, 2012

Abby and the girls are out for revenge when they go up against Cathy and her Candy Apple's for the first time in the new competition season. Meanwhile, Kelly secretly re-choreographs Paige's solo, and Jill becomes frustrated with Cathy.

34 19 Worst Birthday Party Ever! July 17, 2012

Kelly's birthday party turns into a disaster when a fight breaks out; Abby arranges for the girls to audition for "Drop Dead Diva"; Leslie works to get her daughter a solo; Brooke faces tough competition from a teammate.

35 20 Guess Who's Back? July 24, 2012

The dancer who gets the Drop Dead Diva role is revealed, Paige gets injured badly, and Nia gets a chance to wow the crowd with a solo. However, the biggest surprise is when Jill and Kendall return to the ALDC.

36 21 Break a Leg August 7, 2012

Paige suffers an injury that takes her out of the team for a few weeks. Jill is all too happy as this gives Kendall a chance to join the team as a replacement for Paige. Maddie is all ready for her guest role on Drop Dead Diva.

37 22 Revenge of the Candy Apples August 14, 2012

Cathy is out for revenge after learning Jill and Kendall have returned to Abby's. Chloe not only gets a chance to shine after Maddie turns down a solo, but she also gets massive pressure.

38 23 The Recital to End All Recitals August 21, 2012

A new style of dance (hip-hop) for the annual ALDC recital gets the dancers and moms shaken up, as Paige struggles to return from her broken foot. When Payton and Leslie join the group, tension starts between Leslie and Kelly. Cathy and her Apples decides to make an unnecessary stop with her Apples at the recital.

39 24 New Girl In Town August 28, 2012

Just as Paige gets approval from her doctor to dance, a new dance mom and her little dancer arrive at the studio. Nicaya Wiley and her mom, Kaya Wiley join the dance team. Christi starts a fight between her and Kaya.

40 25 Solo Fever September 4, 2012

Each girl performs a solo for Abby to determine who will compete at Nationals. Meanwhile, Melissa tries to sign her daughters with an agency, and Kelly helps Brooke with her singing career.

41 26 Nationals 90210 September 11, 2012

The dancers compete for a national title in Beverly Hills, with Candy Apple's following the trail. Four solos will perform for the ALDC, but the team is shaken when Abby forces Chloe, Kendall and Nia to vie for the one remaining unassigned slot. Paige is given a leading but unchallenging role, Brooke's music video is revealed, while Kelly doubts it is worth returning for another season.

42 27 Reunion, Part 1 September 18, 2012

Abby and the moms reunite to discuss the season.

43 28 Reunion, Part 2 September 25, 2012

Conclusion. Abby and the moms reunite to discuss the season.

Season 3: 2013

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
44 -- The Smoke Before the Fire January 1, 2013

The dancers perform in new footage, created exclusively for this pre-season special. The cast talks about the past and the upcoming season, with topics including: Abby's love-life; charging for meet-and-greets; Kelly's return; a strain in Kelly and Christi's relationship; the fight between Cathy and Christi at nationals; and Paige's relationship with Abby.

45 1 The Beginning of the End January 1, 2013

Abby is disappointed with the girls for skipping dance class; Abby holds an open audition hoping to replace Brooke and Paige; Abby welcomes Ally Serigne as a new dancer; Chloe and Maddie compete against each other; Mackenzie has a hair-mishap during her dance; Cathy discusses creating an all-boy team.

46 2 Out With the Old, In With the New January 8, 2013

The mothers stage a silent protest and walk out on Abby; Abby quickly assembles a new replacement team, which includes Sophia Lucia; the original mothers book their daughters for a performance at a mall; Yvette and her daughter Hadley Walts seek redemption versus Abby; Abby's new replacement-moms bicker.

47 3 But I'm a National Champion! January 15, 2013

The original Moms return, including Kelly. Abby dotes on her new "Superstar" Sophia Lucia, who alone returns among the replacement dancers, causing Christi to wonder how to chase Sophia's mother Jackie back to California. The Moms must face Abby's wrath after being on strike for two weeks.

48 4 Liar Liar Dance Mom on Fire! January 22, 2013

Melissa lies about her unhappiness when Abby assigns Maddie and Kendall a duet. Abby bans Brooke from the competition, and gives Paige and Mackenzie solos. Sophia fails to appear at the competition.

49 5 Revenge of the Replacements January 29, 2013

The ALDC competes against Bella Hoffheins and Kaeli Ware, two girls who replaced them during the mothers' protest. Melissa tries to get back in favor with Abby, but Abby remains upset with Melissa and Maddie over the previous silent protest. Chloe is challenged with the acrobatic group dance, creating conflict between Abby and Christi. Mackenzie struggles when she is placed atop the pyramid and is assigned a solo, as well as given a spot in the group dance.

50 6 Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties February 5, 2013

Abby's mood is low after discovering that Cathy has returned to compete with an all new boys team. Jill tries to become Abby's new favorite mother. The solos fare poorly at awards. During the group dance, Chloe improperly drops her hat after receiving strong warnings from Abby, ultimately resulting in Christi storming out of the competition.

51 7 Rotten to the Core February 12, 2013

Abby suspends Christi and Chloe, keeping Chloe from competing against Cathy's new all-boy team. Nia and Holly must deal with RND, a painful medical condition. Sophia and Jackie briefly return, only to quickly and mysteriously disappear.

52 8 You've Been Unfriended February 19, 2013

Christi returns and feuds with Kelly, while Melissa tries to play peacemaker. Abby refuses to even say Chloe's name, who remains suspended. Nia asks to re-schedule her duet with Paige, which was pulled the previous week. Abby also tries to prod Brooke into proving she cares about dancing, and make Maddie demonstrate that there's more to her than people know.

53 9 Bye Bye Baby February 26, 2013

Abby mourns the loss of her dog, Broadway Baby. When the girls and their moms choreograph a dance as a tribute, Abby is offended, and chooses to let them improvise instead; but Abby does appreciate Melissa dedicating Maddie's dance to Broadway Baby... behind the other mothers' backs. Nicaya is disqualified in her native St. Louis, when her mother Kaya fights with the team — which also leads to a restoration of the friendship between Kelly and Christi.

54 10 All's Fair in Love and War March 5, 2013

The moms take Abby speed dating to see if she can find love, and in turn be nicer to the girls. Nick Dobbs returns for a group dance that involves a tangled and confusing story of differing loves. When Nia and Kendall are given a duet together, the moms become suspicious of Jill when she arranges rehearsals for Kendall alone.

55 11 Camouflaged Maneuvers March 12, 2013

In a two-hour episode, the girls struggle with a hip-hop group dance concerning gays in the military. Talk is generated when Abby goes on a date with a mysterious man. Abby and the mothers are suspicious of Mackenzie's foot injury. Kendall begins working on her facial expressions, including getting new headshots from a photographer.

56 12 The Apple of Her Eye March 19, 2013

In a two-hour episode, Abby appears uncertain about casting Nia in a dance about Rosa Parks, while Jill promotes her daughter as a possible replacement in the title role. Abby enjoys uncharacteristically warm and playful moments with Paige, Mackenzie and Kendall. Kendall is given a solo where she must work on her facial expressions. Mackenzie is assigned the role of team makeup artist. Paige and Chloe are given a duet. Abby gives Holly a makeover. Following "Candy Apple's Day" in Canton, Cathy shows up at the competition with bodyguards, as her group performs a take-off of "Gangnam Style." Jalen is comforted by his father after problems with his costume.

57 13 She's a Maniac March 26, 2013

Rachelle Rak guest choreographs a Bob Fosse inspired group number entitled "Golddigga'," but disagrees with Abby on the inclusion of Mackenzie in the dance. Melissa reveals she was secretly married, while her two daughters are given a duet together. The moms get beauty body-wraps. Chloe is scolded for her hand gesture at the end of her solo. Brooke is dismissed from the team for the week.

58 14 Watch Your Back, Mack April 2, 2013

Asia Monet Ray arrives at the studio, making Mackenzie and Melissa nervous. Meanwhile, Abby visits a taxidermist. Cathy hires one of Abby's friends to choreograph a dance, which receives a perfect score.

59 15 The Politics of Dancing April 9, 2013

In this episode, Abby assigns the girls dances inspired by the political state of America, but all is not fair in politics, especially in the dance world. Maddie and Chloe compete head-to-head, and continuing with the political theme, Abby has the Abby Lee Dance Company vote on who gave the best performance. Forced to sit on the sidelines, injured Mackenzie must watch her coveted spot on the team be taken over by Asia. Problems arise when the flag is used in a group dance. Melissa considers home-schooling her daughters.

60 16 May I Have This Dance? April 16, 2013

Mackenzie and Asia prepare to battle for a part on a future televised performance on The View, and their mothers begin fighting already. The moms get upset when Abby promotes Maddie to assistant choreographer for the group number. Nia struggles to keep up with Asia when they are paired together for a duet.

61 17 The View From the Top April 23, 2013

Abby is invited to co-host "The View"; Abby decides if Asia or Mackenzie will perform "The Last Text" on ABC; Cathy and Vivi-Anne hold open auditions for the Candy Apples team.

62 18 Candy Apple Showdown April 30, 2013

In a two-hour episode, Abby's dancers compete with Candy Apples in New York. Abby plans to wow the judges with a group dance on an important topic. Cathy relies on Anthony's choreography to keep her on top. Kelly takes Brooke to a music producer, while Chloe and Paige read lines for a talent agent. The team gets in trouble with Abby after ice-skating. The moms wonder if an argument between Christi and Kristie will end in physical violence. At the competition, Cathy and Anthony criticize Paige from the audience. Abby announces she is looking to purchase property in Los Angeles for a new studio.

63 19 The Mother of All Specials May 7, 2013

In this Mother's Day Special, Abby sits and talks with her own mother, Maryen Lorrain Miller. Also, clips from previous episodes are shown, with a focus on mother-daughter relationships.

64 20 Tell All, Part 1 May 7, 2013

Abby Lee Miller and the mothers reminisce about season 3; Christi and Kelly discuss their friendship; the cast answers questions from the audience; the girls perform some of their dance routines.

65 21 Tell All, Part 2 May 14, 2013

Kristie Ray praises Abby; Abby battles with Cathy; Kelly defends her daughter Paige (and their homegrown team); Cathy tells Christi that Chloe would be happy at Candy Apple's - but only as a pure hypothetical.

66 22 Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy June 4, 2013

Abby plays matchmaker setting Brooke up with the senior dancers. After patching up their friendship, Kelly and Christi face a point of no return when they argue again. Cathy readies her team to take on the Abby Lee Dance Company but discovers there's a rotten apple amongst the bunch.

67 23 Two Girls, One Solo June 11, 2013

Abby decides to have Maddie and Chloe dance the exact same solo; Christi and Kelly realize that their friendship will never be the same; the theme for the group number brings up painful memories.

68 24 An Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away June 18, 2013

Cathy is determined to rebuild her team; Cathy recruits new dancers, including her friend Patsy.

69 25 No Room for Rotten Apples June 25, 2013

Cathy's team feels pressure; Jalen is assigned his first contemporary solo; Cathy battles with Anthony as she struggles to regain control of her studio. friend Patsy.

70 26 Dance Moms Chatter: Part 1 July 2, 2013

Christi, Kelly and Patsy appear on the "Dance Moms Chatter" talk-show along with celebrity blogger Nadine Rajabi and comic Lisa Arch; the mothers talk to fans and discuss rumors and past events.

71 27 Dance Moms Chatter: Part 2 July 9, 2013

Abby and Melissa appear on the "Dance Moms Chatter" talk-show along with celebrity blogger Nadine Rajabi and comic Alec Mapa; cast members and comics discuss the show.

72 28 Tap Versus Hip Hop July 16, 2013

Abby returns from Hollywood and discovers that her dancers have been slacking off, except for Maddie and Mackenzie. She then challenges Maddie and Chloe to perform opposite solos: tap vs. hip hop.

73 29 Abby's "So Far This Season..." July 22, 2013 (Monday)

Abby discusses the third season and recalls some major mom moments, crazy conflicts and the best dances. Included: bonus footage and extended dances.

74 30 Recital Rebellion July 23, 2013

The dancers perform in Abby's annual recital. Abby assigns Paige the only new solo, which doesn't go over well with Kelly. Later, the girls compete in a high-fashion photo shoot to win the right to appear on the cover of a major dance magazine.

75 31 Clash of the Dance Moms July 30, 2013
Abby gets a tip that her dancers will be competing against Cathy's dancers, so she creates three new dances in order to win; Kelly, Brooke, and Paige have not shown up; Abby punishes Maddie by taking away her solo.
76 32 The Dancing Dead August 6, 2013
Abby receives the remains of her beloved dog, Broadway Baby; Kelly secretly meets with the mothers; Maddie's star continues to fall, while Nia's is on the rise.
77 33 Gone, Abby Gone August 13, 2013
Kelly sneaks her children back into Abby Lee Dance Company; Brooke's return threatens Payton's position on the team; Maddie helps to make a girl's dream come true.
78 34 On-Again, Off-Again Abby August 20, 2013
After missing the last competition, Abby returns to face the wrath of the mothers; Cathy sees an opportunity to get her team to number one.
79 35 Divas Las Vegas August 27, 2013
Kelly thinks Abby is treating her daughters unfairly; Abby tests her dancers to determine who will get a solo; Abby brings in a new choreographer to work with Brooke and Paige.
80 36 Do-Si-Do and Do-Si-Don't September 3, 2013
Abby assigns a country-style group number that proves to be physically demanding; Abby creates interesting pairings for the duets.
81 37 The Big, Not So, Easy September 10, 2013
The Abby Lee Dance Company heads to New Orleans hoping to retain their championship title at Nationals; the tension between the mothers spills over into the street.
82 38 Dance Moms Reunion: Hurricane Abby September 17, 2013
The cast gathers to discuss the triumphs and tragedies of season three; the dancers perform their favorite routines.
83 39 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas December 10, 2013
Beware of dance teachers bearing gifts because Abby is about to give the moms some big ones. Abby is full of holiday surprises! The girls might dance to Christmas songs, but when the winter gloves come off, Abby and the moms trade insults and even the dads make surprise appearances.

Season 4: 2014

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
84 -- Guess Who's Coming to the Dance? January 1, 2014
Abby and the mothers reunite to discuss the previous season of the series, while dancers stage new performances.
85 1 Welcome Back... Now Don't Get Too Comfy January 1, 2014
Abby announces that she will be holding open-call auditions for new dancers, and that no one's position on the team is safe; singer Jana Kramer invites Brooke to sing with her on stage.
86 2 Two Can Play This Game January 7, 2014
The Abby Lee Dance Company competes against the Candy Apples for the first time since Nationals; Chloe and Kendall battle for the number two spot; Payton's future with the team is called into question.
87 -- Dance Moms Cares Special January 14, 2014
In this special filmed at the end of last year, the Abby Lee Dance Company shows there is no down time even in the offsesason. Abby enters her girls in a big Atlantic City dance competition that benefits the fight against cancer. All the moms are on edge as it's the first time the team is competing since the blow up at Nationals. Meanwhile, cancer hits close to home while Abby deals with her own mother's fight with the disease.
88 3 Abby Strikes Back January 14, 2014
Abby announces her first national open audition in Orlando; Jill accuses Christi of lying to help Chloe win; Brooke, Paige and Chloe are given a tricky trio to challenge Brooke's pop star credentials.
89 4 Chloe vs. Kendall: Round 2 January 21, 2014
Cathy returns with a new team to compete against Abby's dancers; a nervous Abby pushes Chloe and Kendall to prepare for their competing solos; with open auditions for the Abby Lee Dance Company, the team members feel pressured to prove they still belong with the team.
90 5 No One is Safe January 28, 2014
Holly worries about Nia's featured role in the group dance; Abby's second open call audition has the mothers on edge; Melissa defends her choice to home school Maddie and Mackenzie.
91 6 Clash of the Chloes February 4, 2014
Abby brings in a new dancer, named Chloe, for a trial run on the competition team; Christi is concerned that Abby will replace her daughter; the two Chloe's go head-to-head in competition; Holly and Jill are excited about their daughters' duet; Melissa thinks her girls are being overshadowed.
92 7 Big Trouble in the Big Apple February 11, 2014
With another open call audition in New York, Abby announces that she is putting together an entirely new junior elite team; the Abby Lee Dance Company has two competitions in one week; Abby makes a bold decision that leads to a physically violent clash with Kelly.
93 8 Wingman Down February 18, 2014
With Kelly gone from Abby's studio, Christi isolates herself from the other mothers; Kalani is tested for a spot on Abby's competition team; Holly worries that Nia will not be prepared for her solo.
94 9 Nothing's Fair in Abbyville February 25, 2014
Chloe and Kalani go head-to-head on the dance floor; Abby promises a starring role to the winner of an improvised dance off, but revokes this when Kendall wins; Abby pushes Mackenzie's pop singing career with a solo.
95 10 No Solo for You March 4, 2014
Abby travels to New York City and gives Kendall a solo, much to the dismay of Kira who wanted Kalani to compete against Maddie. Meanwhile, Abby adds a dose of negativity to Holly's new book on positive affirmations.
96 11 Blame It on the New Girl March 11, 2014
A new girl tries out for Abby's team; Cathy prepares her team to end Abby's winning streak; Abby's girls dance at a nursing home to cheer up Abby's mother.
97 12 Sister Showdown March 18, 2014
Mackenzie performs one of Maddie's old signature solos, in her first competition against her own sister; Payton struggles to perform a challenging number; Christi considers home school for Chloe.
98 13 Decisions Decisions March 25, 2014
Kalani becomes an official member of the Abby Lee Dance Company; Cathy choreographs her dancers in hopes of beating Abby's girls.
99 14 Family Comes First April 1, 2014
With her mother's health declining, Abby leaves the girls and their mothers to fend for themselves at this week's competition; the pending arrival of a new team looms over Abby's original team.
100 15 Lights! Camera! Dance! April 8, 2014
Melissa takes control during Mackenzie's music video shoot; Abby's team is under pressure to continue their winning streak; this week's dances are a tribute to Abby's ailing mother.
101 16 Presenting My New Team April 15, 2014
Abby shocks the dancers and their mothers when she presents her new junior elite competition team; the original dancers are pitted against new dancers.
102 17 Seeing Red April 22, 2014
Abby and the mothers discuss memorable events from the past year; Abby talks about losing her mother; Christi is still upset about Kelly's expulsion from the team.
103 18 Girl Talk April 29, 2014
Their moms have had the floor to air their feuds, frustrations and alliances; now, for the first time ever, it's the girls' turn to dish the dirt. With guest appearances from Asia Ray and Vivi, the dancers speak their mind on everything from Abby to their former teammates, the moms fighting, and everything in between... and there are no moms allowed!
104 19 The Battle of Maddie vs. Chloe May 13, 2014
The rivalry between Maddie and Chloe has boiled for four seasons and this episode of Dance Moms traces the very beginnings of it. Maddie and Chloe battled for first place in competitions, first position on the pyramid and ultimately, for a place in Abby's heart... But is the rivalry really between them...or between their mothers?
105 20 Abby's Top Ten Dances June 24, 2014[1]
Abby reveals her 10 favorite group dances, shown in never-before seen full length versions, and offers insight into how they came about.
106 21 Double the Moms, Double the Trouble July 29, 2014
Abby brings back her Select Team to compete against her original Elite Team; Abby rewards Mackenzie with a solo against Christy's daughter, Sarah.
107 22 Kiss or Get Off the Pot August 5, 2014
The Elite Team attempts to end their losing streak in a competition against the Candy Apples; Abby recruits a former Candy Apple to dance a duet with Maddie.
108 23 3 Soloists, One Star August 12, 2014
While Maddie is away filming a guest appearance on "Ellen," Abby realizes that she needs someone who can win in her absence; Abby gives Chloe, Nia and Kendall character driven solos; Christy's jealousy jeopardizes her daughter's place on the team.
109 24 Abby-phobic August 18, 2014
The ALDC travels to Woodbridge, Va. for a competition; Abby invites Jade to join the Elite Team for the week; Christi is upset when Abby picks Chloe to compete against Jade; Abby decides to pull the current group routine.
110 25 Chloe Gets Revenge August 26, 2014
Abby swaps Chloe and Christi for the Select Team's Jade and Loree in a battle between the Elite and Select Teams; the teams are anxious to impress Abby; Jeanette and Ava are thrilled to compete in a solo against Maddie.
111 26 No More Crybabies September 2, 2014
The team's three youngest members compete for a solo at Nationals; Abby concocts a secret plan to try and secure a win, but winds up causing a fight between the mothers.
112 27 The Understudies September 9, 2014
Abby assigns Chloe and Kendall to be Maddie's understudies for the week; Holly uses a board to track Abby's favoritism toward Maddie; Cathy brings Gino back to the Candy Apples in hopes of scoring a win.
113 28 Another One Bites the Dust September 16, 2014
The dancers try to impress Abby in the last competition before Nationals; Tracey's dream of getting her daughter to join the Elite team is threatened; Cathy crashes the competition.
114 29 45 Second Solos September 23, 2014
The theme of Abby's Annual Dance Concert is an emotional tribute to her mother; Abby gives each of the girls 45 seconds to prove that they deserve a solo; Abby replaces Chloe with Kamryn.
115 30 Hollywood Here We Come, Part 1 September 30, 2014
Abby makes an announcement while the ALDC is in Los Angeles to compete at Nationals; Jeanette vows revenge against Abby; Cathy challenges the ALDC to a dance off; Abby's moves steal the show.
116 31 Hollywood Here We Come, Part 2 October 7, 2014
Nationals are a day away, and with all of the distractions of Hollywood, the moms worry Abby has not given enough attention to the routines. With Cathy using the song that made Maddie famous, Abby considers pulling an ALDC solo to let Maddie dance. Stakes have never been higher as Abby threatens to cut the losing team and Christi and Chloe make a heart-wrenching decision.
117 32 Playing Favorites October 14, 2014
The moms from both the Elite and Select Teams face off against Abby to hash out their grudges from this season and accuse her of blatant favoritism. Maddie takes the stage to talk about her recent success in Hollywood with the Sia video, the girls present new dances, and of course, Cathy makes an appearance to ruffle Abby's feathers.

Season 5: 2015

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
118 -- Girl Talk 2 January 6, 2015
Season 5 begins Hosted by singer and actress Coco Jones, in this second installment of "Girl Talk," the "Dance Moms" girls will answer their fans' questions, covering topics like boyfriends, rivalries...and Abby. We'll see clips of the girls' favorite dances over the years and even learn how to perform some of their signature moves.
119 1 99 Problems but a Mom Ain't One January 6, 2015
Season 5 begins with a key member disappearing and cutting off all ties to the kids and moms. Abby then calls in an old friend to join the team. Later, an ex-student threatens legal action that could jeopardize the dance company's big season plans.[2]
120 2 Abby Got Served January 13, 2015
The Maddie vs. Kalani showdown arrives. Meanwhile, Abby's rival, Jeanette, is out for revenge, as lawsuits continue to mount for Abby. The moms remain loyal, but Abby manages to turn her own team against her.[3]
121 3 JoJo with a Bow Bow January 20, 2015
With Maddie heading to Los Angeles early for a new exciting opportunity with Sia, the ALDC team is down another member and the moms question Abby’s dedication to this week’s routines since her favorite dancer is gone. Abby needs a sub for Maddie, so she calls in new dancer JoJo, whose star quality threatens both the moms and the girls.[4][5]
122 4 Bye Bye Pittsburgh January 27, 2015
JoJo and Jess return to fight for a spot on the ALDC and are determined not to lose again. As the team prepares for their big Hollywood adventure, Holly and Jill grow concerned that Abby's focus will only be on her favorites and Nia and Kendall will be forgotten. After hearing about Maddie's next big Los Angeles opportunity, Holly and Jill vow to take matters into their own hands.[6]
123 5 Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby February 3, 2015
The ALDC has finally arrived in Los Angeles and they are in for their toughest competition yet, when a top West Coast dance studio declares war. Abby sets up an audition with a casting agent for the girls but the pressure of LA is too great and Abby suffers her biggest breakdown yet, forcing the moms to question her abilities as a manager.[7]
124 6 Nia Risks It All February 10, 2015
After a chaotic first week in Los Angeles, things do not settle down when Abby and Holly have their biggest and most shocking fight ever, causing Holly to go behind Abby's back to work with a huge star despite the consequences. Maddie prepares for another big Hollywood job, and all the girls soon are on edge when Abby announces an open call audition in Los Angeles. Holly and Nia grow especially fearful of their futures with the ALDC.[8]
125 7 Wild Wild West Coast, Part 1 February 17, 2015
The mothers' patience with Abby grows thin during the ALDC's last week in Los Angeles; Abby brings in two swing dancers that threaten the other girls' chances at an audition; Abby's job as a manager is put to the test.[9]
126 8 Wild Wild West Coast, Part 2 February 24, 2015
While in Los Angeles, the girls juggle a competition and a music video shoot; Abby attempts to shut down the music video shoot; the mothers fight to keep their daughters on the team when Abby announces that she will be cutting one dancer.[10]
127 9 The Great Divide March 3, 2015
The ALDC returns to Pittsburgh; the mothers are divided based on who stayed to film the music video and those who left; the group dance becomes a personal attack against the mothers; Abby discovers the team is in the teen division.[11]
128 10 The New Maddie? March 10, 2015
The ALDC girls move forward after a rocky journey to Los Angeles; Cathy returns with a surprise choreographer; Abby invites Ashlee and her daughter Brynn to come dance at the ALDC and quickly praises Brynn as "the next Maddie."[12]
129 11 Nia's Last Chance March 17, 2015
The ALDC heads to Philadelphia with a risky non-lyrical routine; Abby gives Nia an ultimatum; frustrated with the lack of support from Melissa and Jill, Holly makes friends with two unlikely allies.
130 12 Abby's Trash, Cathy's Treasure March 24, 2015
The media goes crazy for Maddie's second music video with Sia; Cathy assembles a team of dancers who have all worked with Abby and are ready to seek vengeance on the dance floor.
131 13 Mackenzie's Time to Shine March 31, 2015
While Maddie is away, Mackenzie has the opportunity to prove herself; Abby decides to push the envelope with a sassy routine in a competition against Cathy's premium Candy Apple's team.
132 14 Hollywood, Round Two April 7, 2015
The ALDC returns to Los Angeles to compete; Abby decides to manage Kendall's new singing career; Nia and Kendall work to become pop stars while going head-to-head with solos; the girls give their all in the group dance.
133 15 Maddie vs. Kalani April 14, 2015
Determined to have a victory, the girls face Murrieta Dance Project; Abby gives solos to her strongest dancers; Nia is left out of a show-biz opportunity.
134 16 Video Killed the ALDC Star April 21, 2015
JoJo and Kendall have challenging solos for the last competition in Los Angeles; Nia and Kendall have music video shoots; Holly and Jill get competitive.
135 17 Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 1 April 28, 2015
The team returns to Pittsburgh to tie up loose ends before they move to Los Angeles; Abby schedules the team to attend a competition and a convention; Holly organizes a premiere party for Nia's music video.
136 18 Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 2 May 5, 2015
The ALDC embarks on their final competition before their move to Los Angeles; chaos ensues when only two girls show up at the competition; Cathy and Jeanette try to take down the ALDC; the team risks being disqualified.
137 19 Seeing Stars May 12, 2015
Abby and the mothers meet to discuss the highs and lows of the season; Holly and Abby go head to head; Cathy and Jeanette stir things up; Maddie discusses her newfound fame; the team reflects on their experiences.
138 20 Dance Moms Down Under, Part 1 May 19, 2015
The ALDC heads to Australia to perform at the ASTRA Awards; Abby loses her passport and leaves the team stranded in Sydney without her; Jess confronts the other mothers; Maddie misses a crucial rehearsal when she goes to an interview in Abby's place.
139 21 Dance Moms Down Under, Part 2 May 26, 2015
Jealousy and competition threaten the ALDC as the team is divided into two factions when Abby excludes Nia and JoJo from the rest of the planned events in Australia. Kendall, Kalani, Maddie and Mackenzie have to learn a new routine to perform at a private fan event, while Holly brings in Mikey Minden to help Nia prepare to perform her single for the first time live. Holly makes it clear that, if the moms don’t show up for Nia’s performance, it could be the end of the ALDC as we know it.
140 22 Live From LA, It's Kendall K June 9, 2015
The team makes its permanent move to Los Angeles; Kendall is pushed to the limit as her pop star debut approaches along with having a solo; Abby makes a dramatic decision.
141 23 Maddie vs. Mackenzie June 16, 2015
Maddie and Mackenzie compete with solos against each other in the same age category; Abby brings in a guest choreographer to teach the girls a routine inspired by voguing.
142 24 West Coast Strikes Back June 23, 2015
The ALDC's biggest west coast rival returns to compete; Abby tests Mackenzie's confidence with a big opportunity; Jess is desperate for JoJo to have a featured role when her grandmother visits.
143 25 Abby vs. Kira June 30, 2015
The mothers push Abby to have more dance classes after losing two competitions in a row; Kira takes matters into her own hands and brings in outside help; Abby pressures Maddie to regain her standing as the ALDC's top dancer.
144 26 Where in the World Is Abby Lee Miller? July 7, 2015
Last week's argument between Abby, Kira and Kalani leaves all three nowhere to be found; Kendall's single drops; Nia meets with music producers; Jill is jealous when Holly enlists the help of a special guest.
145 27 Abby vs. Kira...AGAIN! July 14, 2015
With only four weeks until Nationals, the ALDC is desperate for a group routine win; the Candy Apples return with a surprise guest; the ALDC travels to Arizona; Kira is still dissatisfied with Abby's treatment of Kalani.
146 28 Solo Battle: Round 1 July 21, 2015
Jeanette takes over with an epic routine; Abby tests the girls with a challenging prop; Kendall and JoJo go head-to-head in a showdown.
147 - Throwback Tuesday: Maddie & Melissa July 21, 2015
In this special episode, we will look back at Maddie and Melissa's Dance Moms journey from Maddie's earliest days as Abby's star pupil to her life now as the most famous 12-year-old dancer in the world. We'll get the behind-the-scenes scoop on their mother/daughter relationship, all of the drama with Abby and their thoughts on the other moms' jealousy.
148 29 Baby Dance Mama Drama July 28, 2015
Abby announces that the grand opening party will coincide with Nationals; Kendall is rewarded with a solo; the girls have a bridesmaid-themed group dance.
149 - Throwback Tuesday: Nia & Holly July 28, 2015
Nia and Holly are the stars of their very own one-hour special, giving the inside scoop on all five seasons of their life with the Abby Lee Dance Company. From Holly’s heated arguments with Abby to Nia learning the death drop, we will watch Nia’s inspiring journey from underdog to pop star.
150 30 Nia vs. Kalani: Winner Takes All August 4, 2015
The ALDC faces the talented MDP; Abby gives Kalani and Nia head-to-head solos to determine who will get the senior division solo next week; Nia shoots her second music video.
151 - Throwback Tuesday: Kendall & Jill August 4, 2015
Kendall and Jill take Dance Moms fans back to their first season with the Abby Lee Dance Company. Together, they reveal their true feelings about their fights with Abby, their relationships with their teammates, and the performances that defined Kendall as a dancer and launched her career as a pop star. Kendall and Jill share never before heard stories about the challenges they faced and how they kept moving forward.
152 31 Chaos at Nationals August 11, 2015
The season comes to a close with Nationals and the girls feel the pressure to remain undefeated; Abby opens her new studio the day before a competition, leaving the girls with little time to prepare; tension spirals out of control.
153 - Throwback Tuesday: Mackenzie & Melissa August 11, 2015
Mackenzie and Melissa discuss their experience from Mackenzie's earliest days as the baby of the ALDC. We'll watch her grow up and branch out to become a pop star and hear what it was like to finally beat her sister in a stunning showdown. Along the way, Mackenzie and Melissa will give us the inside scoop on the triumphs and challenges in their Dance Moms journey
154 32 City of Angels August 18, 2015
Abby and the mothers discuss what went wrong at Nationals and some of the most shocking moments in Los Angeles; the mothers are divided on hot button issues; Abby drops a bombshell.
155 - Slumber Party! August 18, 2015
In this Slumber Party special, Maddie takes us behind the scenes as she and the girls from Dance Moms dish on celebrity crushes, makeup tips, who takes the longest to get ready and more! 30 minute special.
156 - Throwback Tuesday: Kalani & Kira / JoJo & Jessalynn August 18, 2015
The ALDC's newest team members give Dance Moms fans a personal look at their most defining moments. Kalani and Kira reveal never before heard stories about their ups and downs with Abby and the tough decision to stay or go. JoJo and Jessalynn share details about their determination to become official ALDC team members along with their struggle of staying true to themselves.

Season 6: 2016

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
157 - No Moms Allowed January 5, 2016
Leading up to the premiere of "Dance Moms", tune in for a one-hour special at 8pm ET/PT. Hosted by Disney star and "Dance Moms" super-fan Veronica Dunne ("KC Undercover"), the special will be bigger and more fun than ever! The girls will dish about all of the drama from the past season, what's to come for the ALDC and answer fans' biggest questions. The girls will also perform a fan-favorite routine and Nia will sing her song "Slay."[13]
158 1 New Season, New Rules January 5, 2016
It’s the ALDC’s first week of the competition season and Abby starts it off with a bang—a big announcement that will change the future of the team. Maddie’s star is glowing brightly as she shoots her first movie and her new substitute on the team is a slap in the face to Jill and Kendall. Meanwhile, Jeanette and her BDA team, the reigning National champs, are back and ready to show the ALDC how dancing is done.
159 2 Abby vs. Melissa January 12, 2016
The moms are shocked to learn that Abby is forming a new team, but they're even more surprised when news breaks that Abby could be facing jail time. When Mackenzie receives the brunt of Abby's rage, Melissa vows not to play nice anymore.
160 3 Mini Dancers, Big Drama January 19, 2016
Abby's new mini team arrives in Los Angeles and tensions are high; Abby is distracted by new mothers, new dancers and her legal troubles; Ashlee and Brynn are caught in Jill's cross hairs as Kendall's position on the team is threatened.
161 4 Now You See Abby, Now You Don't January 26, 2016
The minis are ready to compete in their first group dance; Maddie books a prestigious photo shoot with two other ALDC girls; Maddie and Brynn compete head-to-head with solo routines; Abby makes an announcement that could tear the team apart.
162 5 Abby's Replaceable February 2, 2016
Abby locks the team out of her Los Angeles studio; Debbie Allen invites the ALDC to work with her; guest choreographer Nakul includes the minis in a difficult Bollywood routine; Kalani and Nia are pushed to their breaking point with a duet.
163 6 Abby's New Favorites February 9, 2016
Abby returns with her focus solely on the minis; a new mini and her mother show up for an audition; the mothers complain when Brynn is chosen to dance the lead role.
164 7 Debbie Allen to the Rescue February 16, 2016
The stress of Abby's legal woes causes her to reach her limit and kick the girls out of her studio; the mothers contact Debbie Allen, who offers her studio so the girls can rehearse for their upcoming competition.
165 8 Maddie Is Back February 23, 2016
Maddie returns from shooting her movie, but Abby does not seem happy to see her; the mothers wonder if Abby is jealous of Maddie's fame; Ashlee hopes that Abby will spend more time grooming Brynn to be the next big star.
166 9 Nia Saves The Day March 1, 2016
It's a week of duets for the ALDC junior elite team with Brynn and Maddie going up against Kalani and Kendall. But when Kalani's back injury starts to act up and Kira is not there to help, Melissa and the other moms have to step in and do what's right for her. Later, with Kira absent and the original moms distracted, Ashlee takes the opportunity to fill in for Abby's newly fired office manager causing more drama with the other moms.
167 10 Abby Lee Horror Story March 8, 2016
The ALDC travels to Northern California; Abby's routines grow darker; the mothers' prank attempt backfires horribly; Maddie, Brynn and Kendall compete with solos; Ashlee will do anything to give Brynn an advantage.
168 11 The Maddie Rumor March 15, 2016
Maddie is nominated for a People's Choice Award; the mothers are furious when Abby invites an unexpected guest as her date to the awards; the minis return, along with a new mother whose daughter's attitude causes a dance catastrophe.
169 12 Brynn's Big Moment March 22, 2016
Abby brings in Todrick Hall to direct the girls in a commercial; Maddie and Brynn captain trio teams of their choosing to compete head-to-head.
170 13 ALDC Does Vegas March 29, 2016
The ALDC heads to Las Vegas; Ashlee and Brynn are now official members of the team; Kendall stands up to Ashlee for the first time; the mothers are concerned that the girls are becoming too involved in the drama.
171 14 JoJo Steals the Show April 5, 2016
Abby welcomes back ALDC Pittsburgh veteran, Sarah, to dance with the team. Tempers flare when her mother, Christy, calls Jess’ loyalty into question. After Abby pulls Kendall and Maddie’s duet, Kendall has an emotional meltdown and Melissa seriously questions whether to keep Maddie on the team at all.
172 15 Melissa's Announcement April 12, 2016
Abby's world is shattered when Melissa shares shocking news that will change the face of the ALDC forever.
173 16 Mack Z vs. Abby Lee April 19, 2016
Abby gives Brynn and JoJo hip hop solos, but gives Mackenzie a safe acrobatic routine; Mackenzie fights for what she wants; Abby flees the studio.
174 17 Mini Madness April 26, 2016
Maddie and Brynn have solos this week; the mothers are not happy when Abby assigns Brynn a dance inspired by an old Maddie routine; the mini team returns to compete for Abby's attention.
175 18 One Last Dance May 3, 2016
Maddie and Mackenzie participate in their final competition with the ALDC team; Abby pits Mackenzie against a new mini, Ari; the mothers encourage Melissa to reason with Abby.
176 19 Hello and Goodbye May 10, 2016
The mothers reunite to discuss the dramatic events from the season; the mini mothers discuss the future of the ALDC; the junior elite team performs.
177 20 The Girls Say Goodbye May 17, 2016
Jai Rodriguez hosts a very special episode of Dance Moms where the girls from the ALDC say goodbye to Maddie and Mackenzie. They’ll play outrageous games and answer questions from die hard fans. Later, Todrick Hall makes a special guest appearance to perform with the girls. We will witness the girls' heartfelt goodbyes to the Zieglers and watch them dance together for the very last time.
178 21 Maddie and Mackenzie Say Goodbye May 24, 2016
For the first time ever, Maddie and Mackenzie sit down with Abby and give an exclusive take on their Dance Moms journey before they say their final farewell. We’ll relive their triumphs and heartbreaks and finally get answers to the questions we’re all dying to know, plus we'll hear the scoop on what’s to come for the Ziegler sisters after Dance Moms.
179 22 Girl Talk 3 September 6, 2016
To kick off Season 6B of Dance Moms, Jai Rodriguez and the girls of the ALDC are back to give the latest on Abby and the team and debut some brand new dances. Some super fans get up close and personal with the girls, the newest member of the Mini Team is introduced. The Dads of Dance Moms finally make an appearance to spill their daughters' deepest secrets and show off their own moves.
180 23 Abby's New Beginning September 6, 2016
The season begins with a newly motivated Abby Lee promising to no longer overlook her remaining dancers now that her star, Maddie, is gone. Abby assigns Brynn and Kendall head-to-head duets with boy partners and Brynn struggles with the pressure. When Jess calls out Abby's favoritism for Brynn, Ashlee hits her boiling point.
181 24 Nia & Kendall Face Off September 13, 2016
Abby challenges Nia and Kendall with tough head-to-head trios but the group tribute to Madonna leaves the moms wanting more. Holly suspects Abby has a hidden agenda for Nia but, when she brings Nia's manager to the studio to investigate, her strategy backfires. When talk of the girls' technique erupts at competition, Abby abandons the team.
182 25 Return of the Minis September 20, 2016
The minis are back for the first time this season and the elites question if Abby can hold true to her promise of new beginnings. Abby challenges the minis with a beauty pageant-themed dance where she will crown one mini queen of the routine. The elites perform a tribute to Prince but feel the pressure to do him justice and fear they will fail to win with another tribute dance. To add to the chaos, Abby assigns two duets: JoJo and Brynn vs. Kendall and Nia. When Nia falls ill, Kendall is once again left without a partner.
183 26 Mommy Meltdown September 27, 2016
It’s Mother’s Day and an emotional Abby tasks the minis with their first lyrical routine to honor her mother. The elites are put to the test when their moms make a shocking decision that leaves them without a group dance for competition. Tensions between the teams get physical and the moms give Abby an ultimatum.
184 27 Mini Mayhem October 4, 2016
After last week’s fight between the elite and the mini moms, Abby attempts to unify the two teams by assigning the elites and minis duets as partners. With Abby’s continued favoritism toward the minis, the elites are once again forced to choreograph their own group dance. Both teams feel the pressure when Abby announces that the first solo of the season will be awarded to a dancer from the winning duet.
185 28 Abby, You're Fired! October 11, 2016
Abby punishes the minis for their poor performance and awards the elites their first solos of the season. Jill infuriates Abby when she makes a major decision about Kendall's music. No one feels safe when the media uncovers secrets from a mom’s past.
186 29 JoJo Is a No Show October 18, 2016
Abby choreographs an emotional dance after the ALDC learns of tragic news from Kira and Kalani's hometown; the minis attempt to make a comeback with their group number; JoJo is tested beyond her limits by a difficult ballet duet.
187 30 ALDC for Sale? October 25, 2016
Abby's trial hits the news again; the mothers speculate about the ALDC's future; Brynn is put to the test with her first solo of the season; the elites are tasked with a challenging dance; Abby shows attention to the minis.
188 31 Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like Ab-bee November 1, 2016
The elite dancers are spread thin when Abby books a demanding commercial shoot for the team; a chain of events is set into motion that could lead to the biggest rift ever between Abby, the mothers and the elite girls.
189 32 Two Teams, Two Studios Part 1 November 15, 2016
Part 1 of 2. Abby and the mini team are blindsided when the elites leave for rival Erin Babbs; Abby gives three mini dancers their first solos; Kendall and Nia are invited to perform live with a beloved recording artist.
190 33 Two Teams, Two Studios Part 2 November 22, 2016
Part 2 of 2. The elite girls stop at nothing to prove that they can win without Abby as their instructor, while Abby tries her hardest to stay strong and prove her worth on the dance floor with her mini team.

Season 7: 2016/17

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
191 1 Fight for Your Life November 29, 2016
After an eight week break, Abby reaches out to the Junior Elite mothers and asks them to come to the ALDC to hear an announcement.
192 2 Abby's Worst Nightmare December 6, 2016
Abby challenges the Junior Elites to a head-to-head competition and makes big changes to the team. In the hopes of finding her super team, Abby sends some girls home and brings in two new girls. But, when Abby's biggest rival returns, the moms worry about her ability to hold it all together.
193 3 Return of The Rotten Apples December 13, 2016
Abby and the ALDC bring an edgy group routine, inspired by Kalani's 16th birthday, to this week's competition hoping to overtake Cathy and her Candy Apples for the second week in a row. Kendall dances a Maddie-esque solo determined to beat Nicaya.
194 4 Winner Takes All December 20 2016 
Abby challenges Daviana and Kalani to a head-to-head solo showdown; two minis rejoin the team; Abby eliminates a member of the super team.
195 5 New Kid on the Block December 27, 2016
Abby brings in a new dancer with an eccentric mother; Abby encourages Brynn to lead Kalani and Kendall in their trio; the mothers are nervous when Abby assigns the first hip-hop routine since the elites walked out.
196 6 No Clowning Around January 3, 2017
Nationals are only six weeks away, but a constantly changing team have the moms worried. Nia gets her first solo in a year and Abby gives two of her new dancers a chance to shine on stage. Meanwhile, the veteran moms go on the attack after one of the new moms puts down their kids.
197 7 The Fresno Curse January 10, 2017
Abby and the ALDC try to break a long standing losing streak in Fresno, California; Holly's nerves are frayed when Abby announces the theme for a controversial group dance; Elliana and Maesi's duet brings out the worst in their mothers.
198 8 ALDC Ain't Dead Yet January 17, 2017
Abby brings the girls to a cemetery to get them in the spirit for a graveyard-inspired routine; the mothers are frustrated when Brynn is given a special part; Elliana and Lilliana are given head-to-head solos for the first time.
199 9 Battle of the Blondes January 24, 2017
Abby auditions a new dancer to be a part of the Great 8 team heading to Nationals; Brynn, Lilly and Maesi all go head-to-head with solos; the mothers are hopeful that a new dancer will complete the team, but Ashlee thinks otherwise.
200 10 Breathless in Denver January 31, 2017
Kalani, Kendall and Nia all dance competing solos in Denver; the minis are in a technically complicated group dance, and the mothers wonder if this addition will ruin their winning streak heading into Nationals.
201 11 Leaving La La Land February 7, 2017
In the final week before the ALDC heads to Pittsburgh for Nationals, the elite girls struggle with a difficult ballet routine and get the cold shoulder from Abby; Abby becomes obsessed with the mini soloists; Kendall resumes her stalled music career.
202 12 It's Not Always Sunny in Pittsburgh February 14, 2017
The team returns to Pittsburgh where the stress of proving themselves leads to explosive battles between some of the mothers; Abby questions Camryn's desire to be on the team and gives her one more chance to prove herself.
203 13 Same Old Frenemies Part 1 February 21, 2017
Abby hits a major roadblock with the group routine; Brynn, Kalani, Lilliana and Elliana are assigned solos, leaving Holly and Jill fuming; Kendall premieres her music video; a former ALDC dancer considers visiting her old teammates.
204 14 Same Old Frenemies Part 2 February 21, 2017
The ALDC battles the Candy Apples for the final time this season; Abby breaks down when faced with an uncertain future; a surprise guest makes an appearance that shocks the whole team.
205 - Abby Tells All July 25, 2017
Highlighting Abby's past and her deepest fears for the future as she faces the harsh reality of going to prison; Abby discusses her past mistakes, what she has learned and what fans can expect from her upon her release.
206 15 Judgement Day Approaches August 1, 2017
News spreads about Abby's approaching court sentencing; Abby's denial creates havoc for the team; Abby creates a group dance centered around Ashlee and Brynn's family court battle.
207 16 Abby Flies the Coop August 8, 2017
The mothers butt heads with Abby over a vegan-inspired routine; Kendall, Brynn and Kalani compete; the team says goodbye to Abby when she leaves for Europe.
208 17 Out With Abby, In With Chloe: Part 1 August 15, 2017
The mothers bring in choreographer Laurieann Gibson, which shakes things up; Chloe returns to the competition world for the first time in two years.
209 18 Out With Abby, In With Chloe: Part 2 August 22, 2017
With Abby away and her sentencing looming over everyone’s head, the moms bring in world-renowned choreographer, Laurieann Gibson. Laurieann’s intensity and passion shakes things up at the ALDC, but will her unique methods and choreography be enough to win? Meanwhile, ex-ALDC member Chloe returns to the competition world for the first time in two years to dance against her former teammates.
210 19 All Choked Up August 29, 2017
With Abby missing in action, Laurieann Gibson pushes the girls out of their comfort zones with professional-level choreography; Kalani and Brynn compete head to head with out-of-the-box solos; the group routine provokes a fight between two mothers.
211 20 Stamina, Stamina, Stamina September 5, 2017
Laurieann Gibson returns, determined to win; with two duets and a group dance, the girls struggle with stamina as well as their new leader's cutthroat attitude; Laurieann loses her patience with the mothers at a competition.
212 21 Ashlee's Big Decision Part 1 September 12, 2017
Abby makes an unexpected return to her studio; Chloe performs for the first time in front of Abby in two years, but struggles with missing her old teammates; Ashlee makes a decision that shocks the group.
213 22 Ashlee's Big Decision Part 2 September 19, 2017
Abby makes an unexpected return to her studio; Chloe performs for the first time in front of Abby in two years, but struggles with missing her old teammates; Ashlee makes a decision that shocks the group.
214 23 There's A New Team in Town Part 1 October 3, 2017
The Irreplaceables and The ALDC go head-to-head at competition for the first time. Abby's team competes a fan-favorite group number while the older girls shock the audience with a mature routine that causes an uproar from Abby and her minions.
215 24 There's A New Team in Town Part 2 October 10, 2017
The Irreplaceables and The ALDC go head-to-head at competition for the first time. Abby's team competes a fan-favorite group number while the older girls shock the audience with a mature routine that causes an uproar from Abby and her minions.
216 25 Everyone's Replaceable... Even Abby October 17, 2017
With no sign of Abby, The Irreplaceables and the ALDC both find new choreographers to take her place. Famed dancer Cheryl Burke joins the Irreplaceables as they take on their opponents. But, the girls' insecurities and their doting mothers prove to be a struggle for Cheryl and her teaching methods. Meanwhile, the ALDC struggles to stay together and bring Abby back.
217 26 Under Cheryl's Spell October 24, 2017
With one week until Nationals, Cheryl adds an old rival to the team, but the moms aren’t happy with sharing the spotlight. Kalani suffers a catastrophic injury, putting her solo and the group routine in jeopardy, and the pressure of winning brings Camryn to her breaking point.
218 27 The Best Is Yet to Come October 24, 2017
Emotions run high as the team prepares for their final Nationals competition as The Irreplaceables; with four solos, the girls go head-to-head to see who can come out on top; the mothers and the girls contemplate what their future holds.
219 - Abby's Last Dance October 24, 2017
Abby takes a look back and explains the method behind the madness.
220 - Chloe & Christi's Encore October 24, 2017
Chloe and Christi Lukasiak reminisce about the past and explain what was going on behind the scenes.

Season 8: 2019

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Title Original air date
221 - The New Team May 28, 2019
A look at the new dancers featured in the new season of Dance Moms.
222 - The Return of Abby June 4, 2019
Abby endures physical and emotional struggles while undergoing chemotherapy and learning to regain the use of her legs, all the while pushing forward to keep her dream of a new competitive dance team for the Abby Lee Dance Company alive.
223 1 Abby's Big Comeback June 4, 2019

Abby finally returns to the competition dance scene in Pittsburgh where her legacy first began; emotions run high and tension builds as Abby hopes her new team of seven strangers can dance together as one.

224 2 Mommy Dearest June 4, 2019
Abby gives two lucky dancers the first solos of the season, leading one mom to explode at competition; the team struggles with a challenging tribal dance; Abby's star dancer cracks under the pressure.
225 3 The Broadway Brat June 11, 2019
Abby challenges the team with her most serious group dance yet, and casts Lilliana as the lead for the first time in her ALDC career; when GiaNina complains about her choreography, Abby unleashes her wrath on the Broadway veteran.
226 4 Choose Wisely June 18, 2019
Abby makes a shocking announcement that she's sending someone home; Stacey and Tricia go to war over Abby's star dancer, Brady; when tasked with picking their own duet partners, the young dancers fear that the wrong decision could send them home.
227 5 Queen of the ALDC June 25, 2019
Abby sends one dancer home, changing the future of the ALDC team; a tribute to Queen pushes Brady to his limits; GiaNina dances for her life in a solo rematch with Hannah.
228 6 Lily's Ultimatum July 2, 2019
With Brady gone, Abby challenges the girls to prove that they can win on their own; GiaNina is assigned an over-the-top character solo to go head-to-head with Sarah, who hopes her first solo can be a personal win for her family.
229 7 Yolanda's Back July 9, 2019
Abby assigns the girls a group dance about sorority hazing; one mother shockingly quits the team when Abby brings back former teammates Yolanda and Elliana as part of a plan to help motivate the girls.
230 8 A Team on Trial July 16, 2019
With a losing streak weighing heavily upon the team's shoulders, fighting between the girls puts the group dance in jeopardy; Abby gives a mini her big shot at joining the team; a duet with GiaNina and Elliana leads to all-out war between two moms.
231 9 Making a Splash in Pittsburgh July 23, 2019
Heading to her first competition in Pittsburgh since her return, Abby challenges the ALDC team with their most daring routine yet; longtime rivals Lilliana and Elliana go head-to-head in famous solos inspired by former ALDC member JoJo Siwa.
232 10 No More Mamma Drama July 30, 2019
Abby blames the mothers for the team's poor record; Abby has her two star dancers go head-to-head to show her who deserves a solo at nationals; when a local rival shows up at competition, Abby calls the police on the mother she thinks is to blame.
233 11 Hannah Unmasked August 6, 2019
Hannah faces her biggest challenge yet when Abby assigns her the lead in the group dance; Elliana and Sarah have a solo showdown; Abby's treatment of Michelle threatens to tear Sarah and Michelle apart; Yolanda threatens to quit the team.
234 12 2 Jackets, 4 Dancers August 13, 2019
As news spreads of Elliana's shocking departure, Abby challenges the team with a ballet group dance inspired by The Angry Birds Movie 2, casting GiaNina as the lead. Rivalries brew as two duets compete against their partners for ALDC jackets, and Michelle is in the dog house after the Studio 19 drama at last week's competition.
235 13 Abby's Audition August 20, 2019
With nationals quickly approaching, the moms lash out when Abby decides to hold an open call audition for a new team member; Pressley and Hannah compete for their shot to perform at nationals; Abby receives devastating news from Los Angeles.
236 14 The Return of Studio 19 August 20, 2019
GiaNina and Sarah go head-to-head for their shot at dancing a solo at nationals while the team performs a group routine unlike anything done before; Michelle comes to blows with the other moms; a confrontation at competition sends Abby over the edge.
237 15 Rise From the Ashes August 27, 2019
With only one week until nationals, the pressure is on for the ALDC; Abby choreographs her most personal group dance yet; Brady and Pressley go head-to-head for the chance of dancing solos at nationals; one team member quits unexpectedly.
238 16 New York Nationals August 27, 2019
The ALDC team heads to nationals in New York City, with three solos going head-to-head for the national title; tensions reach a boiling point when Abby is confronted with the ALDC's big rival Studio 19.
239 17 Reunion: Return of the ALDC September 3, 2019
After a season jam-packed with mama drama, Jai Rodriquez sits down with the entire cast of "Dance Moms" to right the wrongs and finally set the record straight. Also, the new elite team performs some of their award-winning dances from the season.
240 - Unseen Dances, Untold Stories September 3, 2019
Watch some never before seen dances and see the explosive drama unfold from Season 8. Learn new things about your favorite dancers and moms in this Dance Moms special.
241 18 Reunion: Kids Tell All September 10, 2019
Jai Rodriquez joins the newest members of the ALDC as they dish the dirt on Abby, the moms, secret crushes and more; the girls give performances of their favorite award-winning dances.

Season 9: 2024

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
242 1 The Reunion May 1, 2024
Includes new interviews with fan favorite dancers as they look back at the most memorable moments of the series and discuss the good, the bad and everything in-between including the lasting impact on their entertainment careers. Joined by moms Jessalynn Siwa, Kelly Hyland, Jill Vertes, Kira Hilliker and special appearance by Christi Lukasiak, the original Dance Moms cast discusses some of the most controversial headlines since the show aired, catches fans up on what they are doing now and provides some shocking revelations as the Dance Moms drama comes full circle.
243 2 Epic Showdowns: Call 911 May 1, 2024
Relive the Dance Moms Showdowns that were so epic and downright disruptive that police had to step in. Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she breaks down showdowns between Abby and Minister Dawn, Stacey and Yolanda, and more!
244 3 Epic Showdowns: Mommy Mayhem May 1, 2024
Dance Moms will do anything to protect their daughters. Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she relives the fiercest Dance Moms battles waged in their children's names. See showdowns between Christi and Yolanda, Holly and Jill, Kelly and Christi and more!
245 4 Epic Showdowns: If Looks Could Kill May 1, 2024
In the world of competitive dance your wardrobe can make or break your performance. Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she relives the most intense wardrobe catastrophes. Watch as Abby raises the stakes when the girls wear a hat during a routine, or the time Jill donned her cowboy hat to battle Abby over Kendall's costume. And the most epic saga of them all--the infamous Bumblebee costume.
246 5 Epic Showdowns: Pyramid Pandemonium May 1, 2024
At the Abby Lee Dance Company the infamous pyramid decides your fate on the team and every dance mom will fight for their child to be at the top. Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she relives the most chaotic pyramid fights between Jessalynn and Abby, Jill and Abby, the infamous pyramid walkout, and more!
247 6 Epic Showdowns: That's Messed Up! May 8, 2024
OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak hosts a rundown of some of the most cringeworthy clashes in Dance Moms history, including a rare showdown between Abby and Melissa, and Christi's own fights with Abby that forced her to leave the ALDC once and for all.
248 7 Epic Showdowns: Flyin' Solo May 8, 2024
Getting a solo at the ALDC is cutthroat because it's every dancer's chance to shine. But behind the scenes it's the moms who will throw down to get the spotlight for their kid. Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she relives some of the biggest solo showdowns like the time Melissa finally stood up for Mackenzie and her potato chip solo, when Abby gave last minute solos to JoJo and Nia after the rest of the team didn't show, or when Jessalynn snagged a solo for JoJo out from under Kendall.
249 8 Epic Showdowns: Reunion Madness May 8, 2024
Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she recounts the most unforgettable moments from Dance Moms reunion specials, including her own showdown with both Abby and Melissa, Holly and Jill settling an old score, and a walkout by Abby which threatens the fate of the show.
250 9 Epic Showdowns: Abby Flips Out May 8, 2024
Abby was the ultimate control freak, and when she felt it slipping away, nothing or no one was safe from being cut. OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak hosts a trip down memory lane, revisiting some of Abby's most volatile moments, like her blowup at Holly and a confrontation with rival Studio 19.
251 10 Epic Showdowns: Cathy Chaos May 15, 2024
No rivalry is quite like the one between the ALDC and the Candy Apples. Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she breaks down the epic rivalry between Abby and her arch nemesis Cathy. From the time Cathy tried to cheat her way through competition, to her surprise appearance at the ALDC annual recital, to their epic showdown at Nationals.
252 11 Epic Showdowns: Mother Knows Best May 15, 2024
Put a bunch of alpha dance moms under one roof...and the end result is chaos. Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she looks back on classic mom showdowns, including some of her own clashes with Leslie and Kristie Ray, and a knockdown drag out battle between the junior team moms.


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