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g   Evan Gorbell
Evan Feb 2015
Websites: Instagram(more)
Gender: Male
Born: February 12, 2000[1]
Age: 20
Home: Florida
Occupation: Dancer
Class Of 2018
Affiliations: Dance Attack
CADC (former guest)
Friends and Family
Parents: Vida Gorbell (mother)
Siblings: unnamed brother
Friends: Alyssa Chi
Gavin Morales
McKenzie Morales
John Culbertson
Gino Cosculluela
Episode Run
Debut: Kiss or Get Off the Pot
Last: The New Maddie?
Quick Links
Feat. video: Solo "Boy in the Street" (2016)
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Dance Tables

Evan Gorbell was a guest dancer for Candy Apple's Dance Center in the fourth and fifth seasons of Dance Moms.


Season 4

Season 5

Other Information

  • Like Alyssa and Gino, Evan's home studio is Dance Attack in Florida.
  • Before he started dancing, he did karate and advanced ahead to many belts.
  • He started dancing at the age of seven.


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