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g   Fallon Chapman
Gender: Female
Born: October 21, 2002
Age: 19
Home: Orlando, Florida
Occupation: Dancer
Class of 2021
Affiliations: Cleveland and Chattanooga Dance and Performing Arts Center
New Dimensions Dance[1]
Studio 5D Dynasty Dance Centre
Abby Lee Dance Company (former guest)
Friends and Family
Parents: Cheryl Chapman (mother)
Friends: Alexus Oladi
Brady Farrar
Kendall Vertes
Gianna Martello
Brynn Rumfallo
Tea' Adamson
Jade Cloud
Kamryn Beck
Lilliana Ketchman
Jane Dickson
Nia Frazier
Kalani Hilliker
Payton Ackerman
Chloe Lukasiak
Elliana Walmsley
Mackenzie Ziegler
Paige Hyland
Sarah Reasons
Addison Moffett
Sarah Hunt
Maesi Caes
Episode Run
Debut: Abby Strikes Back
Last: Blame It on the New Girl
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Feat. video: "Heartbreak" (2017)
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Fallon Chapman (born October 21, 2002) auditioned in Orlando in the episode Abby Strikes Back. She later became a guest dancer for the ALDC in Blame It on the New Girl.

Other Information

  • Her zodiac sign is a Libra.
  • Fallon began dancing when she was eight years old.[2]
  • At the Orlando Starpower World Championships filmed for Love on the Dance Floor, Fallon finished 9th with her solo "If You Can See Me Now,"[3] in what appears to have been her first year of dancing. (This is a video of that routine at a Starpower event sometime before December 9th, 2011; the exact date and location of video lacks certainty.) Among those above her were: Maddie (1st); Juliana Friedman (4th; shown as Maddie's rival in the episode, and later performing for Studio Larkin in Lights! Camera! Dance!); and Victoria Miller (5th.)
  • Fallon attended Jump in Orlando in March, 2013. The event took place as the ALDC was in midseason filming hiatus, with Mackenzie, Maddie and Nia competing. Jessi Kennedy and Tea' Adamson were also among those in attendance.[4]
  • Her and Kaycee Rice share the same birthday.


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