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“For You”
414 For You Too (3)
Song by
Ashley Jana
Dance:   "For You Too"
Album:   Ashley Jana
October 2008
Easy Listening
Ashley Jana
Writer(s):   Ashley Jana
Album Chronology
Previous: “Willing to Go”
Current: For You
Next: “My Pain Exposure”
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Song (Youtube link)
"For You" is a song by Ashley Jana. It was used for Chloe and Kalani's duet "For You Too" in Family Comes First.

Youtube link
Duet from broadcast


Open, open up my eyes
To see surprise
For the castles

Too much time is wasted
You know that I will not regard
Anything else but you

But I didn't know
It's one that I wanna do
Is for you

For you
For you

Hold me, hold me 'cause it's cold here
Cold as snow
I did not know

A breaking sound inside my head
It is making me dead
Did I forget

That I didn't know
That I've lost it all
That I have won it all

With you
With you
With you

But, I don't understand it
Maybe I never got a glimpse in diamond
I never knew that it would be so hard
So true

I always told you I'd be
There and I'd promise
But, I can't always make the choices
That you think I should've made

And I just wanna do it anyways
Anything that I can do
All that matters to me
I just wanna see his face

It's true
It's true