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“Glamorous Life”
725 Coming to Hollywood (1)
Song by
Stacy Wilde
Dance:   "Coming to Hollywood"
Indie Pop
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Note: To see the original song used for the duet, see "Hollywood".

Song (Youtube link)
"Glamorous Life" is a song by Stacy Wilde. It was used for Chloe and Nia's duet "Coming to Hollywood" in Everyone's Replaceable... Even Abby.

Youtube link
Duet from broadcast


In the city of stars
Hollywood's full of dreamers
Pleading for the spotlight
To shine so bright

It's all so glamorous to you
One big break, you will make it
All your dreams will come true
You'll be a star

Welcome to the glamorous life
You want the money and the fame
Welcome to your glamorous life
Just don't get sucked into the game
Welcome to your glamorous life
How you gonna stay true to your heart
Welcome to this glamorous life
But beware, they might just tear your world -

Welcome to this glamorous life
Be careful they don't tear your world apart

Welcome to your glamorous life