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Guy Amir is a faculty member at the ALDC LA.


Season 6[]

Season 7[]

Other Information[]

  • He started dancing at the age of seven at the Charlotte Klein Dance Centers in Worcester, Massachusetts.
  • Guy started teaching at the age of sixteen.
  • He attended the University of Arizona and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012.
  • Guy has worked with various TV shows including Glee, The Goldbergs, Todrick on MTV and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
  • Besides choreographing, he has also worked as an actor and dancer in commercials for Andriod, Google and Pepsi.
  • Alongside Rumer Noel, he choreographed for ALDC LA dancer Mackenzie Sol's music video "My Name", which features Dance Moms cast member Kalani Hilliker. The pair also choreographed for JoJo Siwa's "Boomerang".

Other Credits[]

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