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g   Hadley Walts
Hadley Walts 2014-08-27 cropped.png
Gender: Female
Born: April 20, 2000[1]
Age: 22
Home: Evansville, IN
Class Of 2018
Affiliations: Thr!ve Dance Company
Candy Apple's Dance Center
Height: 5'4"
Friends and Family
Parents: Yvette Walts (mother)
Friends: Lennon Torres
Episode Run
Debut: Out With the Old, In With the New
Last: Two Can Play This Game
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Hadley Walts (born April 20, 2000) was a guest dancer for Candy Apples Dance Center in Season 3, and for one episode in Season 4.

Hadley and her mother Yvette.


Prior to appearing in Dance Moms, Hadley and her mother Yvette Walts were competitors on the first season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.

She attends Thr!ve Dance Company, located in Evansville, Indiana.

In Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

For information on Hadley's appearances on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, click here

In Dance Moms

In Out With the Old, In With the New, Yvette calls Abby and they talk about Abby coming to Indiana; Abby makes the crazy sign with her finger around her ear. Yvette and Hadley then talk about Abby calling one of Hadley's performances "roadkill," which supposedly has left Hadley haunted and traumatized, doubting if she wishes to continue dancing. Yvette tells Hadley that Abby would get back what she has given.

The day of the competition, Abby sees Hadley, Yvette, and her dance team, and they talk for a bit. Hadley performs her solo after Ally. At the awards, Yvette thinks they're going to beat Abby, but Hadley comes in second and Sophia wins first place. The Abby Lee Dance Company group dance, however, comes in second place, and Thr!ve's group dance comes in first. Abby is mortified. Afterwards, Abby chats with Yvette and Hadley.

Much later in the season in No Room for Rotten Apples, Cathy invites Hadley and her mother to join the Candy Apple's Dance Center, an invitation which they accept.



To see tables for Hadley Walts's dances and results, visit the Hadley Walts/Dances subpage.


  • If Hadley had won the $100,000 from Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, it would have gone into her college fund.[2]
  • Her favorite style of dance to perform is high energy jazz because she loves to be sassy on stage.[2]
  • Her favorite style of dance to watch is lyrical because she thinks it is a beautiful style of dance.[2]
  • She hopes to be a professional dancer one day.[2]
  • If she doesn't become a professional dancer, she would be an ophthalmologist.[2]
  • Her favorite subject in school is math.[2]
  • Her favorite color is purple.[2]
  • Hadley won one of the five 2011 titles of "Junior Miss Starpower."[3]


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