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Haunted - Nadia Forde 1
Song by
Nadia Forde
Album:   Haunted (Charity Single)
November 9, 2015
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For the song used for Chloe Lukasiak's solo in Revenge of the Replacements, see Haunted.

Song (Youtube link)
"Haunted" is a song by Nadia Forde. Tayluer was featured in the official music video.

Youtube link
Official Music Video


Nothing haunts us like the things that we don't say,
We start to speak but instead we turn and walk away,
Living in hope, living in fear, I try to do what's right,
While you are here.

But soon you'll be gone,
And with you, hope dies too,
Maybe then I'll let go,
And love the memory of you,
But just this once I want to hear you say.

You'll always be my little girl,
Even though I've been far away,
And there'll be recognition in your eyes,
When you just know what to say,
But I know it's make believe,
When I look at you now,
Maybe some day not this lifetime,
Not now.

Don't wanna think of when we go to church that day,
I will be there but inside I want to run away,
Bury the hope, bury the fear, last chance to speak your name,
The tears have run clear.

But when you are gone,
And the hope dies too,
Maybe then I'll let go,
And love the memory of you,
And just this once forget to hear me say.

I'll always be your little girl,
Even though you are far away,
And there'll be recognition in my eyes,
Thank you for making me this way,
And I know because of you,
I wouldn't be me now,
And I'll forgive you,
I know I have to, somehow.

Heaven awaits you now,
No judgement or regrets,
And when I have my own shot,
I will do my best,
No longer haunted.

She'll always be my little girl,
And I'll never be far away,
And she'll see recognition in my eyes,
That she'll believe me when I say,
That she'll always have me near,
Never know the pain of how it feels to live without a mother's love,
Not her, not now.

No longer haunted,
No longer haunted.

Other Information[]

  • The song was dedicated to Nadia's mother Berenice Paolozzi who died in 2015.
  • Ryan Jenkins choreographed the music video.



Behind The Scenes[]