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g   Jessi Kennedy
Jessi Instagram 2016.jpg
Nickname(s): Jessi
Jessikins (by Susan)[1]
Websites: Instagram
Gender: Female
Born: November 10, 1997[2]
Age: 24
Occupation: Dancer
Class of 2016
Affiliations: STARS Dance Studio
Varsity Cudettes[3]
Friends and Family
Parents: Susan Kennedy (mother)
Siblings: Joseph (brother)
Grandparents: Bertha (maternal grandmother)
Friends: Lucas Triana
Sammy Small
Hannah Epstein
Kimmy Kopke
Nick Dobbs
Mia Diaz
Brandon Chang
Pets: Max (dog)[4]
Episode Run
Debut: Get Fierce!
Last: Move Over, I'm the Star
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Feat. video: Solo "Life or Death" (2013)
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Jessica "Jessi" Marie Kennedy (born November 10, 1997) is a dancer who featured on Dance Moms: Miami. Her mother is Susan Kennedy.

Other Information

  • Jessi was the oldest dancer on the Dance Moms: Miami team.
  • She had been attending STARS since 2007.
  • She likes to perform all types of dance, but her favorite is contemporary.[5]
  • Her favorite dances to watch are jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, and contemporary.[5]
  • If she doesn't become a dancer, she would like to be an actress because she loves to perform.[5]
  • Her favorite things about Miami are the beach, the weather, her friends at the studio, her dance studio and her coaches in addition to Disneyworld and all of the amusement parks.[5]
  • She is a huge fan of Selena Gomez.[6]
  • Her birth sign is a Scorpio.
  • She was the first person to be first on the list.
  • Jessi was the only person to not feature in the "I'm Not Perfect" music video as she was out of town when they were filming.

Other Credits

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