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g   JoJo Siwa
JoJo S6 Headshot
Nickname(s): JoJo
JoJo with the Bow Bow
Know It All Paul-la (as character)
Websites: Instagram
Gender: Female
Born: May 19, 2003[1]
Age: 17
Home: Omaha, Nebraska[2]
Occupation: Actress
Class of 2021 [3]
Affiliations: Underground Dance Factory (former)
ALDC (former guest)
Just Dance Co. (former)
True Dance & Co. (c. 2013)
CPD Intermix Dance Co (c. 2011)
SYNERGYtech Jazz (c. 2008)
Height: 5' 9" (est. 2018) [4]
Friends and Family
Parents: Jessalynn Siwa (mother)
Tom Siwa (father)[5]
Siblings: Jayden (brother)
Grandparents: Kathy (maternal grandmother; deceased)
Friends: Nia Frazier
Mackenzie Ziegler
Kalani Hilliker
Maddie Ziegler
Kendall Vertes
Mark Meismer
Haley Huelsman
Brynn Rumfallo
Abby Lee Miller
GiaNina Paolantonio
Love Interests: Mark Bontempo (boyfriend)
Pets: Coco (dog)[6]
Lulu (dog)[6]
BowBow (dog)[7]
Episode Run
Debut: Abby Strikes Back
Last: JoJo Is a No Show
(last official)
The Best Is Yet to Come
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Feat. video: Solo "Butter" (2015)
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Joelle Joanie[8] "JoJo" Siwa[9] (born May 19, 2003) is a dancer from Nebraska. Her mother is Jessalynn Siwa.

JoJo was first introduced on the second season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. Both JoJo and her mother were disliked by many of the contestants, as well as Abby, due to their "loud" personalities. She was eliminated in Divas in the House, meaning she had just missed out on being one of the final four.

JoJo made her first appearance on Dance Moms during the fourth season in Abby Strikes Back, where she attended the Orlando audition.

The following season, JoJo and her mother were asked to join the Abby Lee Dance Company elite team in JoJo with a Bow Bow to replace Chloe.

JoJo and her mother remained as permanent members on the team until the second half of Season 6, where the pair finally departed from the show after JoJo signed a consumer deal with Nickelodeon.[10]

Other Information

  • In 2017, JoJo revealed that although she no longer dances, she does take classes here and there.
  • Most of JoJo's bows are handmade by Jessalynn.[11] She stated in February of 2016 that she owns over 600 bows.[12]
  • JoJo's older brother's birthday is the day after hers. There is a three year age difference between the two.
  • She has her own collections with Tilt Dancewear, Claire's., Walmart, and Target.
  • She would love to be slimed at the Kids' Choice Awards.[13]
  • Her favorite style of dance is jazz.[13]
  • In March 2016, she stated that her favorite solo she had ever done on the show was I'll Show You the Dark Side.[13]
  • Before joining Dance Moms, she had been watching it since the first season.[14]
  • JoJo's favorite Starbucks drinks are a passion tea lemonade with two pumps of raspberry, a very berry hibiscus refresher, and a french vanilla latte.[15]
  • JoJo knows how to speak Korean. She and Jess also hosted a foreign exchange student from Korea.
  • JoJo's natural hair color is actually brown.[16] Jessalyn admitted during an episode of AUDC that she has been bleaching JoJo's hair since she was young.
  • While on AUDC, fellow contestants nicknamed JoJo and her mother as the "Jessalynn and JoJo circus". This was a play on a Disney series aimed at preschool children.
  • Abby openly admitted that it was more of the producers' idea to bring JoJo in rather than her own.
  • Her favorite thing about being on Dance Moms is that she got to travel and work with new people.
  • JoJo performed her first solo at the age of two.[17][18]
  • She formerly competed with three different studios. She competed with SYNERGYtech Jazz in 2008[19], CPD Intermix Dance Co in 2011[20] and in early 2013[21], JoJo competed for True Dance & Co., which is the studio owned by fellow AUDC season two cast member Shari.
  • JoJo has a speech impediment which was more prominent in her younger years. It's still heard sometimes, but not often.
  • She has many hit singles, including Boomerang, which as of September 2020, has over 900 million views on YouTube.
  • She toured across the US, UK, and Australia in 2019.
  • She was on The Masked Singer in 2020.

Other Credits

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On Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

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