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John R. Corella is an executive producer of the television show Dance Moms, and former Mister Dance of America with DMA in 1994.[2] He made a small cameo in the episode An Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away, advising Abby to send spies against the Candy Apple's Dance Center. He was less specifically referenced in The Smoke Before the Fire, as someone pictured with Abby in racy photographs.

John was a friend of Abby's before the creation of the show, going back to his days as a dancer at competition events. John suggested Abby's studio to the other Collins Avenue producers as a good candidate for a competitive dancer(s) television program, still in its early stages of development.

John also was listed as executive producer for Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition and served as supervising choreographer. He was also listed as a producer for Dance Moms: Miami.

Abby previously listed John as a faculty member for the ALDC. Their friendship seems to have been terminated sometime early in Season 4.


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