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g   Justice McCort
Gender: Male
Born: August 31[1], 2002[2]
Age: 19
Home: Northeast Ohio
11th in the 2018/19 school year
Affiliations: Krystie's Dance Academy
Candy Apple's (former)
Friends and Family
Parents: Tanya McCort (mother)
Mark McCort
Siblings: Jamon Sage McCort (brother)[3]
Kanyon Zade McCort (brother)[3]
Maduxx Cruz McCort (brother)[3]
Vayden Jagger McCort (brother)[3]
Friends: Erika Schrade
Taylor O'Lear
Sarah Parish
Vivi-Anne Stein
Kerisa McCullough
Kamryn Beck
Tara Johnson
Episode Run
Debut: Cathy Brings It On
Last: Nationals 90210
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Justice Williamson McCort was a male dancer on Candy Apple's competition team in the first two seasons. He performed several on-screen solos, and was in the top overall junior solos line with Maddie and Chloe in Brooke's Turning Point.

Tanya, Justice's mother, has said Justice is no longer "an apple,"[4] as she and Justice left Candy Apple's in August of 2012.[5] Justice currently dances at Krystie's Dance Academy in Warren, Ohio.


Season One

Season Two

Other information

  • Justice was 2012 Master Dance of America with DMA. Controversy over involvement with Lifetime and Dance Moms at DMA Chapter#16 can be seen in a Dance Masters of Ohio document; Cathy's membership was seemingly terminated sometime thereafter.
  • Justice competed at NYCDA in Pittsburgh in March of 2013, performing a solo that finished second behind Maddie.[6]
  • Other awards since joining Krystie's Dance Academy include: 1st at 24seven in Rochester (2013),[7] 2nd at Star Systems in Columbus (2013),[8] 1st at Revolution in Columbus (2013),[9] Junior Mr. Dance America Nexstar (2014),[10] 2nd at NYCDA in Lansing (2015),[11] 2nd at NYCDA in Pittsburgh (2015),[12] and 4th at Believe in Niagara Falls (2015).[13]
  • Justice's mom owns a hair salon.


 I say good luck? 
 Justice, suggestion in "Nationals 90210" on how he should behave at the competition, as adults promoted various forms of dramatic poor sportsmanship


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