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g   Kaeli Ware
Kaeli 2017 Headshot
Websites: Instagram
Gender: Female
Born: June 9, 2000
Age: 19
Home: Lesburg, Virginia
Occupation: Dancer
Class of 2018 [1]
Affiliations: Studio Bleu Dance Center
Kirov Academy of Ballet[2]
ALDC (former guest)
American Ballet Theatre (former)
Height: 5' 11" (est. 2016)
Friends and Family
Parents: Gloria Hampton (mother)
unnamed father
Siblings: 3 brothers
Friends: Maddie Ziegler
Nia Frazier
Kendall Vertes
Kalani Hilliker
Brynn Rumfallo
Tea' Adamson
Sophia Lucia
Kamryn Beck
Bella Hoffheins
Maesi Caes
Camryn Bridges
Sarah Reasons
Elliana Walmsley
Lilliana Ketchman
Brandon Talbott
Nick Dobbs
Episode Run
Debut: The Beginning of the End
Last: Abby-phobic
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Kaeli Ashton Ware (born June 9, 2000) is a 19-year old dancer. She is the daughter of Gloria Hampton.

Kaeli first appeared on the show during third season when she was invited to the Abby Lee Dance Company to be part of the "replacement" team, which was formed after the elite team protested against Abby.

Following the disbandment of the replacement team, Kaeli didn't make another appearance until the following season in Abby-phobic, where she competed alongside her home studio Studio Bleu.

Other Information

  • Her favorite styles of dance are jazz and ballet.[4]
  • She was left-handed when younger, but was forced to switch in art classes.[5]
  • She was born in Fairfax.[6]
  • Kaeli started dancing when she was two.[7]
  • Sometimes she likes being tall, but can feel like a "giant" around short people.[8]


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  1. 9th in 2014/15 school year
  5. "I took art lessons when I was really young and they made me switch. I wish I was still a lefty because I like being different than everyone else! One time when I was like 10 I even tried to teach myself how to write with my left hand! Lol I was determined but I didn't succeed:("
  9. account listed in instagram bio, August 2014
  10. Late-July 2014 video of Kaeli verifying her instagram and accounts
  11. Late-July 2014 video of Kamryn Beck helping to verify Kaeli's Instagram and accounts

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