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g   Kamryn Smith
Kamryn Smith for Michelle Herrick (1)
Nickname(s): Kammy
Websites: Instagram(more)
Gender: Female
Born: May 12, 2011
Age: 8
Home: Phoenix, Arizona
Occupation: Dancer
Affiliations: Soul Shock Dance
ALDC (guest)
Friends and Family
Parents: Adriana Smith (mother)
Cameron Smith (father)
Siblings: Kaedyn (brother)
Friends: Hannah Colin
GiaNina Paolantonio
Lilliana Ketchman
Sarah Georgiana
Pressley Hosbach
Brady Farrar
Savannah Kristich
Camryn Bridges
Peyton Evans
Berkleigh Hernandez
Paris Moore
Elliana Walmsley
Alexus Oladi
Episode Run
Debut: A Team on Trial
Quick Links
Feat. video: Solo "Grown Woman" (2018)
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Kamryn Sophia Smith (born May 12, 2011) is a dancer from Soul Shock Dance in Phoenix, Arizona. Her mother is Adriana Smith.

Kamryn and her mother are set to appear on the show for Season 8.[1]

Other Information

  • She is the youngest dancer to feature on the Season 8 elite team.
  • She is the 2018 Petite National Dancer of the Year at Rainbow Nationals.[2]


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