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g   Kaya Wiley
Nickname(s): Black Patsy
Gender: Female
Born: May 12 [1]
Friends and Family
Children: Nicaya Wiley (daughter)
Dennis (son)
A'maya (daughter)
Michael (son)
Nico (son)
Friends: Cathy Nesbitt-Stein
Shari Johnson
Jeanette Cota
Gina Torres
Yvette Walts
Brigette Triana
Liza Smith
Melanie Huelsman
Gina Urso-Dudash
Rick Testerman
Jo Anne Morales
Feuds: Jill Vertes
Kelly Hyland
Christi Lukasiak
Abby Lee Miller
Ashlee Allen
Camille Bridges
Leslie Ackerman
Holly Frazier
Episode Run
Debut: The Recital to End All Recitals
Last: It's Not Always Sunny in Pittsburgh

  Kaya Morris-Wiley is Nicaya's mother. The two made a small appearance in The Recital to End All Recitals, where they went to the ALDC Showcase. There, Kaya asks Abby if there was any room on the competition team, and Abby tells her there was always room. With her daughter, she plays a larger role in the episode New Girl In Town where she and Nicaya join the Abby Lee Dance Company. She appears once again in Reunion, Part 2.

She appeared in the Season 3 episode Bye Bye Baby, when the team travels to compete in her home city of St. Louis. When Jill and Kaya had a big argument in the lobby of the competition venue, Nicaya was disqualified from the competition.

Later in the third season, Cathy briefly brought Kaya and her daughter into the CADC in the episode An Apple a Day Keeps Abby AwaySince then, Kaya and Nicaya joined the CADC team.

Kaya and her daughter didn't make another appearance on the show until the sixth season, where her and Nicaya were featured in a video montage in The Girls Say Goodbye. In the video they wished the Ziegler sisters good luck with their futures.


  • Her self-used nickname is "Black Patsy", after the late Patsy Ramsey.
  • In "New Girl In Town" Kaya reveals to the other moms that she's a lesbian.
  • During Reunion, Part 2, it is revealed that she got pregnant and had a baby when she was 16 years old.


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