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Kaycee Caitlin Rice[7] (born October 21, 2002) has been a guest dancer for Candy Apple's Dance Center in the fifth season of Dance Moms.

On Dance Moms

Other information

  • Her zodiac sign is a Libra.
  • Kaycee's "Werk" video on YouTube has over 12 million views. Posting small clips from this dance has become a frequent social media meme. Katy Perry first brought widespread attention to this performance by tweeting it, with Shangela Laquifa and Ru Paul also doing so. The dance was choreographed by Tricia Miranda,[8] who has continued to be one of Kaycee's dance mentors.[9]
  • In 2014, Kaycee was on America's Got Talent with partner Gabe de Guzman.[10] (See the America's Got Talent Wiki for more information.)
  • Kaycee performed a solo on the Queen Latifah Show in 2013, and she was also briefly interviewed. (
  • She was briefly featured in the music video for "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor.
  • Kaycee was part of the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX halftime show, at one point sharing the stage nearby Katy Perry and Missy Elliott.[11]
  • She's also been on the Oscars (2014) and 90210.[12][13]
  • Although not part of the episode, Kaycee's Studio 13 attended the Nexstar competition in The Battle Begins. Her solo "Favorite Things" finished 2nd in Junior Solo, and Kaycee was named Junior Miss Nexstar; video of this solo at Showstoppers can be found online. Studio 13 was also first in Junior Duet/Trio, and was first and third in Junior Junior Small Group.
  • Her favorite style of dance is tap.[14]
  • During her time on Dance Moms, Kaycee was the youngest and smallest dancer with the Candy Apples. She also seems to have had the least prior history with cast from the show.
  • Kaycee started dancing at age 4 1/2.
  • She started competing at age 5.[15]
  • Her mom Laura appears to run Studio 13, but is not a dance teacher.[16]
  • Similar to the Zieglers, Kaycee loves the number 13.[17]
  • In 2014, she was dancing around 20 hours per week.[18]
  • Kaycee celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah.[19]
  • She was in the "YouTube Rewind" video in 2013.
  • She was in the music video for song "Time to Dance" by Samuel Cristea.
  • She's filled her room with stuffed animals.[20]
  • Before dance, Kaycee took Tae Kwon Doe.[21]
  • At Thunderstruck's 2015 International Finals, Kaycee was Teen Miss Dance Icon, and as the highest scoring Title winner, was also Grand Title Champion, earning her an all-expense trip to Paris to compete.[22]
  • Her and Fallon Chapman share the same birthday.


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Season 5

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Dance Moms Dances


Season 5.0

Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Place
Mackenzie's Time to Shine Hot Stuff
Open did not place in Teen Division
did not place in Overalls


Season 5

Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Style Dancers Place
Abby's Trash, Cathy's Treasure Ethereal
Speed of Light
Contemporary Haley Huelsman
Ashtin Roth
Chloe Smith
Tessa Wilkinson
2nd in the Teen Small Group Division
3rd Overall
Mackenzie's Time to Shine Stand Up Open Haley Huelsman
Ashtin Roth
Chloe Smith
Tessa Wilkinson
1st in the Teen Division
1st Overall
295.6 points


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