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g   Kayla Seitel
Kayla Seitel cropped - 2015-07-06
Gender: Female
Born: April 14, 2005[1][2]
Age: 15
Home: Murrieta, California[3]
Occupation: Student
8th in the 2018/19 school year
Affiliations: Murrieta Dance Project
Friends and Family
Parents: Jennifer Seitel (mother)
Siblings: Talia Seitel (sister)
Friends: Payton Sullivan
Keara Nichols
Alex Gonzalez
Elizabeth Rudisill
Caylie Almada
Mackenzie Clemens
Episode Run
Debut: Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby
Last: Ashlee's Big Decision Part 2
Quick Links
Feat. video: "The Beat Goes On" (2016)
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Dance Tables
Kayla Hope Seitel is a dancer from Murrieta Dance Project, and the younger sister of Talia Seitel.

Other Information

  • Her mom used to dance, but she was paralyzed in a car crash when she was sixteen.[4]
  • Although the youngest dancer in "Unstoppable" at nine years old, Kayla was generally positioned front-center and front-right in the broadcast footage, and usually dancing next to Talia.
  • Her idol is her older sister Talia.[5]

Dance Moms Dances

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